Your Gains

The Hackathon is your gateway into our Vision Health Pioneers Incubator. 

Main Prize: Enter the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator 

In our ten month program in Berlin, you can bring your startup to life and build it. This includes: 

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORTWe will support each team member with a scholarship of €2,000 per month — up to €80,000 per team of 4 team members.
  • TRAINING & COACHING: Receive special training and coaching on essential startup and medical topics in order to learn how to validate your idea and turn it into a healthcare business. 
  • OUR NETWORK: Our community of healthcare specialists and medical professionals who are eager to help you. As well as investors and entrepreneurs who can support.
  • ACCESS TO TESTING FIELDS: Our partners can support you with access to hospitals, patients, decision-makers and health insurance companies to test your product and receive feedback.
  • FREE COWORKING: Our Unicorn Coworking space is located in the centre of Berlin and comes with an in-house barista! 
  • INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH: Healthcare goes beyond frontiers, so let’s leverage it. Benefit from our international ecosystem and meet global influencers to broaden your business opportunities.

Check out more about our program and battle to join us in July 2022!