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Applied Data Hackathon

Accept the challenge and use our hackathon as a gateway to become a successful founder.

  • 99 Participants
  • 71,965 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


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Your Gains

The Hackathon is your gateway into our Applied Data Incubator. However, we also offer other prizes. So if you decide to submit your idea but do not wish to join the hackathon we also make it worth your while.

Your Main Prize: Enter the Applied Data Incubator

In our 6-month incubation program you can bring your startup idea to life and build a sustainable business. Besides 12,000 Euro scholarship per person, which can add up to 48,000 Euro per team, you will also receive +100h of special coaching with a value of 8,000 Euro per team. This includes legal and business coaching to help you form your company. The icing on the cake is our coworking space that you can use for free. This will save you up to 1200 Euro per month and gives you access to our unique ecosystem as well as the NVIDIA Lab and the Google Lab at Drivery Berlin. 10 hackers will get the chance to join our program in April 2022 if they qualify. (P.S.: Check out the program details and your eligibility.)

  • Up to 48,000 equity-free founder scholarships
  • Coaching worth 8,000 euros
  • Free coworking in Berlin worth up to 7,200 euros

Other Prizes: Coaching and Conferences

Not ready to launch your own venture? No worries! Before the Pitch event you can choose to compete in a second category for two other amazing prizes:

  • 1 x 500 Euro Conference Voucher
  • 1 x 4h Special Coaching worth 400 Euro