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Upgrade your technical knowledge, develop your critical thinking and skills to find answers for the challenges that TAIKAI has for you.

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Build up your social recognition based on evaluations from a selected panel of experts. Our token-based award system rewards the best projects based on the competition results.

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Live Streaming

To replicate an offline experience, you can watch live stream content such as webinars, workshops and pitches.

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Win Prizes

Bring the best of both worlds: Have fun working and win prizes in all our challenges. Compete against other innovators in global hack competitions.

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Stand out from the crowd! Is a great opportunity to shine with your technical capabilities.

Team Matchmaking

Find teammates or get invited by other teams to participate in a competition.


We partner up with the most prestigious international companies.


Talk with any user or our partners through the direct messages.


See what steps come next, your transactions, how much you’ve raised and challenge history.


Show your idea to the world, by participating in a challenge and building your project.


Voting or transactions are auditable and transparent, using blockchain technology.

Token Marketplace

Find a set of products or services where you can exchange your KAI token.

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4 Company hackathon examples to learn from


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