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A platform where we connect tourists with sustainable activities and reward the labour of these efforts with discounts or prizes.

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💎 Idea

Have you ever wondered what type of sustainable activities and projects are going on in your local area or your vacation destination? Look no further! The Meet-up of sustainable activities; businesses and organizations can publish events, tasks or full experiences to users. A community where you can easily search the map and filter down to types of sustainable activities, see the impact they're having and sign up!

Or it could be you're looking for a small discount to supplement your travel? Why not off-set your environmental, economic or societal cost on the local community?

With a rating system of both company and individual, we can keep each other accountable on the platform. The company can use the platform to promote their green reputation and advertise their service on the platform (most likely via a subscription to the service). The user could interact on the platform as both a local and a tourist. The services provided by the organizations also often provide these experiences with small rewards or discounts. However, sometimes the free tour itself is the reward!

How is Sustainability Measured?

Our general goal is to promote activities that foster environmental, economical or societal sustainability, or that they at least do not cause any harm (such as net-zero carbon). Different sustainability criteria will be based on the Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the European Commission from the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. After participating, users can rate the sustainability activity, so the word sustainable isn't just a buzzword.

In future development, users will also receive personalized recommendations based on foot traffic/crowded areas, pollution, interests, etc. to help flow traffic to less polluted areas and less visited businesses. They will also be able to look at areas and activities they've taken part in the past, and look at time comparison of optical images, to view the area as it's changing! (Hopefully from their hard work!)

🛰️ EU space technologies

We provide the platform with a focus on map-based searching (similar to how you view Google Maps). We then use the most recent (cloud-free/clear) optical data so users immediately feel a connection to the area they are going to help. Going to help forest restoration after a wildfire? The users will definitely see this with optical satellite imagery.

This includes the use of: Galileo location data, NSO optical maps (Netherlands local) and sentinel optical data for map-based presentation of activities.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We are tackling Challenge #2 - Experiencing cities and cultures and Challenge #3 - Exploring nature with care. This provides a sustainable alternative to local and destination tourism. Do you want to pick up trash with the locals on the beach? Help plant trees? Join environmental science campaigns? Join a kayak trip to clean up river trash? Tourists can take part in activities that help restore the area, offset their presence or at minimal, don't add any harm. It is a great way to be a tourist, while interacting with the local community and culture and leave the place better than when you arrived. 

It also provides a community to see a variety of local companies and communities, and on what front they are looking to provide sustainable options (and how well they do it!). You can also interact with your friends and companies, and see the impact you're making in your user profile.

💪 Team 

With a diverse team from various countries (The Netherlands, Germany and Canada) and diversified backgrounds (IT, law, creative management, Earth Observation and Environmental Science), we have a strong team ready to tackle the problems from many angles.

Raphael SchmitzSanne NoordegraafAmie CorbinTobias van de Ven

 Developer, IT

Creative Director, Market Research

EO Scientist, Environmental Consulting, WritingBusiness Designer, Environmental Law
  • C# developer
  • Lead developer in corporate education app
  •  background in social entrepreneurship
  •  freelancer in project management in environmental and society projects
  • PhD (in progress) in Earth Observation and Ecology
  • freelancer in writing
  • science communicator
  • Bachelors in Corporate Law
  • Masters (in progress) in Environmental Law

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