Meet the local organisers

This hackathon will make an impact across Europe! Meet the local organisers below:

Graz, Austria: Science Park Graz - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Austria will be organised by Science Park Graz as part of AplusB, the Austrian Incubator Network. AplusB aims to bridge the gap between academia and business to help increase the success rate of innovative, technology-orientated start-ups. The European Space Agency's Business Incubation Centre in Austria is the place for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, researchers, and students to improve life on Earth through the commercialisation of innovative space-enabled products and services in every part of the economy.

Nîmes, France: MURMURATION & Open Tourisme Lab - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in France will be organised in a collaboration between Murmuration and OTL. Murmuration is an SME that aims to put the environment at the heart of decision-making. By providing monitoring KPIs and forecasts for the tourism industry, their solutions are perfect for decision-makers who want to understand, monitor, report and change the impact tourism has on the environment. OTL (Open Tourisme Lab) is an open innovation platform that sits at the heart of the tourism industry's efforts to create innovative solutions to global challenges. They've created a range of solutions to help develop new ideas for businesses and aim to help accelerate start-ups towards a brighter future in tourism.

Athens, Greece: Corallia - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Greece will be organised by Corallia, as part of the Athena Research Center. As an incubator, youth entrepreneurship accelerator and multi-cluster facilitator, Corallia has a vision to develop an environment with the right conditions to help sciences, innovation, and entrepreneurship flourish in Greece. Corallia helps co-ordinate two highly specialised technology clusters in Greece with over 100 members and has already been awarded the Gold Label Certificate of Excellence. They also manage the ESA BIC Greece and Innohub, another industry-leading innovation centre.

Budapest, Hungary: Design Terminal - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Hungary will be organised by Design Terminal. Based in Budapest, Design Terminal is Central Europe's leading innovation agency and prides themselves in building "Innovation Champions" through incubation, talent acceleration and corporate partnerships. They believe that entrepreneurial culture is based on optimism as a driving force for meaningful innovation. Thanks to this approach they became the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency in 2021.

Rome, Italy: Lazio Innova - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Italy will be organised by Lazio Innova SpA. As the in-house agency for innovation, research and entrepreneurship for the local Government of Regione Lazio in Italy, Lazio Innova SpA sits at the forefront of promotion and development for the region's entrepreneurial and productive ecosystem. Lazio Innova SpA continues to provide a range of services and support to help facilitate market access, expansion, training, and funding for a range of entrepreneurial projects. They have also hosted the ESA Business Incubation Centre of Lazio (ESA BIC Lazio) since 2009, making it one of the first ESA space incubators.

Rotterdam, Netherlands:  Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk- Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in the Netherlands will be organised by The Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC) Noordwijk. The SBIC is dedicated to bringing the possibilities of space technologies to earth via entrepreneurship. They offer a wide range of programmes, workshops, and events for every stage of the entrepreneurial journey and give unrivalled access to an international network of tools, knowledge, and finance.

Kristiansand, Norway: Bølgen bærekraftsenter - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Norway will be organised by Bølgen bærekraftsenter. As a regional centre for Sustainability, Bølgen bærekraftsenter brings together business people, environmentalists, innovators, and academics to collaborate on sustainable change. By organising the CASSINI Hackathon Norway, they aim to build new alliances and add a valuable international dimension to the fostering of technology as a tool for sustainable destination development.

Kraków, Poland: Kraków Technology Park - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Poland will be organised by the Krakow Technology Park. For almost 25 years, they've helped businesses grow fast at every development stage and have been the beating heart of innovative tech start-ups both in Poland and beyond. With a focus on incubation programmes for Industry 4.0, Digital Innovation, Space, and Gaming, they're the perfect partner for the Polish region.


Coimbra, Portugal: Instituto Pedro Nunes - Join the event in person or virtually!

The local hub in Portugal will be organised by IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes. IPN is a private non-profit association with a mission to promote innovation and technology transfer, alongside establishing a strong link between scientific and technological environments. IPN has expertise in several complementary areas. Headquartered in Coimbra, it also runs 6 laboratories, a training department, an innovation department, an incubator programme and more. IPN sits at the forefront of the convergence between innovative start-ups, tech entrepreneurs and space solutions.