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Our solution will help to determine areas that are damaged by conflicts and should be avoided.

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  • 3. Understanding and forecasting forced migration



💎 Idea

Access to safe areas is crucially important during conflicts. Our solution will help to determine areas that are damaged by conflicts and should be avoided. Humanitarian organizations will be able to use our application to direct people forced to flee, through secure routes to safer regions. 


In the conflict setting the information about damaged areas can change fast. Humanitarian organizations may not have up-to-date information if the roads and shelters that refugees could use are safe. This can cause serious harm to the affected population. 


By applying satellite data we have developed a platform that helps humanitarian actors make decisions on planning accessible routes to safe locations during acute crisis settings. Our application will show up-to-date changes in infrastructure (buildings, roads etc.) as a result of destruction during a selected time period. 

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

The application will help to coordinate services under the shelter cluster of the Humanitarian Cluster System. In particular, organizations like the International Red Cross and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as local-level humanitarian actors, will benefit from our solution. The application will apply information from Humanitarian Data Exchange, for example information about shelters, and enables responsible organisations to evaluate the saftey of their locations.  The application is scalable to various conflict zones and can bring a systematic change in saving lives in the conflict setting. The funding for the platform could be ensured by international organizations, state-level decision-makers or private donors/charities.

The application needs to be combined with other sources to evaluate the safety of infrastructure and shelters because it receives updated information approximately in every 5 days. In the future, we hope to apply additional satellite information to enable more up-to-date info.

The project addresses challenges nr 1 Supporting sustainable infrastructure development and 3: Understanding and forecasting forced migration.

Our code repository: https://github.com/dusttland/cconflict 

🛰️ EU space technologies

Our application visualizes urban destruction and signs of warfare on a web-based map. The map interface is based on OpenStreetMap. We processed Sentinel-2 images taken on different dates to find differences between them that could indicate destruction caused by warfare. We calculated changes between Sentinel-2 images by subtracting the NDBi bands from the first image from those of the second image.

🤼 Team

Domenik Djatšuk-CEO and Entrepreneur,  Space enthusiast, lifelong learner.

Priit Trink - App Publisher

Jens Jäger - University student, software developer and AI enthusiast. Helping to build the project by finding innovative solutions for various challenges.

Kevin Kliimask - University student and junior software engineer. Takes keen interest in space technologies, was also involved in the ESTCube-2 student satellite project.

Lauri Sarap- Highschool student, programming enthusiast.

Meelis Niine- Migration expert in the development cooperation and humanitarian aid organization NGO Mondo.