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SafetySat project consists of using satellite data to monitor pipeline network

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  • 3. Protecting our critical infrastructure



💎 Idea

SafetySat has the main goal to help pipeline owners to monitoring the safety status of their infrastructure. The main problem is that there are millions of km of pipeline that nowadays are not costante monitored. Our solution provide a unique platform to the owner that use satellite data to identify the areas in which is developing an anomaly based on a risk scale and on a machine learning model. The platform'll be able to assure a predictive analysis for anomalies due to climate changes (landslides, floods, fires, etc.), earthquakes and unintentional human damage. In addition, can also establish the safety level of the network edges autonomously and integrate pipeline maintenance efficiently with local company.

🛰️ EU Space Technologies

Our solution needs the satellite data from: 

  • Sentinel 1 – monitoring changes in land structure
  • Sentinel 2 - observing vegetation and exploiting enhanced cloud masks identification
  • Sentinel 5p – air quality monitoring

These data will be selected according to the geographical monitoring of the pipeline and then they will be processed by a ML model. The use of three different satellites allows for accurate and differentiated information to be provided to the end user, so that processing time for corrective action is decreased.

🏦 Space for Defence & Security

Challenge 3: protecting our critical infrastructure

👤 Team

  1. Giovanni Del Vecchio - Business Manager - Management Engineering student
  2. Gianluca Di Ferdinando - Project Manager - Aeronautical Engineering student, Aerospace Engineer graduate
  3. Benedetta Russo - R&D - Physics student
  4. Riccardo Sacerdoti - R&D - Physics student
  5. Marco Dell'Aglia - R&D - Physics student