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THUNDERSTRIKE: Tactical Homeland United Network for Disasters, Emergency Response, Strategic Targeted Reconnaissance and Intelligence Key Efforts

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  • 3. Protecting our critical infrastructure



You can learn more about THUNDERSTRIKE on this page.

THUNDERSTRIKE was created with the goal of saving lives in large-scale disasters, whether they are caused by natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other emergencies. The system is designed with security in mind to ensure that it can be relied upon in times of crisis.

One of the key advantages of THUNDERSTRIKE is that it can help solve both civil and security problems using the same secure infrastructure. Business can use the network for optimizing their day-to-day operations and extract hidden value, without compromising privacy or EU security.

By providing a fully distributed data model, the system can be used to analyse and process large amounts of data in real time, which is crucial in emergencies. This helps to improve situational awareness and decision making, as well as more efficient resource allocation.

THUNDERSTRIKE is also designed to be secure by design, meaning it is built with security features from the ground up. This includes the use of encryption and other security measures to protect data, as well as the ability to operate in a decentralized and distributed manner, which helps reduce the risk of single points of failure or attack.

The THUNDERSTRIKE system is innovative because it uses a fully distributed data model that enables efficient processing and analysis of large amounts of data in real time. This model is designed to help plan resource allocation and achieve better results in resource-constrained situations.

Another innovative aspect of THUNDERSTRIKE is the data processing approach. Users can create an application using test data that is sent to the data provider for processing. The data provider then validates the data before returning the result to the original user. This approach ensures that the data is accurate, timely and relevant while addressing privacy and surveillance concerns.

THUNDERSTRIKE also helps to update knowledge by collating data from multiple sources, purging false or misleading information from reliable sources, and improving the information provided when new data is received. This helps decision makers make informed decisions based on accurate and relevant data.

THUNDERSTRIKE is designed to be decentralized and extensible, allowing integration with new data providers and operation in the event of a target attack. This ensures that the system can continue to function even if some components are offline.

Overall, THUNDERSTRIKE represents a significant advance in the field of emergency response and disaster management. By providing a secure, distributed and efficient data processing model, the system has the potential to save countless lives in the future and help ensure that emergency responders have the information they need to make the best possible decisions during a crisis.