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Bounce Back Hackathon

Do you have an idea to help our society Bounce Back from the effects of COVID-19? Submit your idea now!

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The Blue Globe Consultants Limited has its registered office address at 590 Green Lanes, London, N13 5RY, UK (hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”), 

Blue Globe is an innovation consultancy specialising in grand challenges, recognition and inducement prizes, SME support, energy access, and fostering open innovation. We work with partners across the globe with the ultimate goal of engaging communities to explore ideas and create platforms for innovative solutions. With a global approach and a passion for the most cutting-edge technology and initiatives, we help our wide range of clients tap into the power of the crowd.

TAIKAI, Lda., a company registered with the Portuguese Companies Registry under no. 515012718, having its registered office at Rua Álvaro Ferreira Alves, nº 29, r/c dto, 4100-038 Porto, Portugal (hereinafter referred to as the “TAIKAI”), TAIKAI shall act in the name and on behalf of the Organization as part of their assignment. The Organization and TAIKAI shall be considered as the joint organizers of the Challenge (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Organizers”). 


In this document,

“Prizes”: refers to the prizes awarded to the Winners at the end of the Challenge.

“Overview”: refers to the specifications determined by the Organization, which may include the deadlines, the prizes, the guidelines and themes to be complied with by all Innovators contributions.

“Challenge”: refers to the challenge that is the subject of the Rules, as organized by the Organizers.
"Hackathon": refers to the online event taking place to work on the "Challenge".

“Intellectual Property Rights” means all the following ownership legal rights, worldwide, whether registrable or unregistrable, and whether registered or unregistered, with respect to any designs, trade secrets, copyrights, works of authorship, neighboring rights, mask works, Know-how, Software and all the industrial rights, such as trademarks, industrial designs or patents;

“General User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy”: designate the general terms of use of the TAIKAI’s website and its Privacy Policy, accepted by every Innovator during the creation of a TAIKAI user account and readable on taikai.network

“Projects”: refers to the Team and to all submissions, original ideas, documents or other materials (such as presentations, videos, etc.) uploaded to the Website by Innovators in response and as a solution to this Challenge;

“Backers”: refers to the jury responsible for selecting the winning Projects.

“Innovator”: refers to any person registered in accordance with the Rules who takes part in the Challenge.

“Registration”: refers to the registration of an Innovator in accordance with the Rules.

“Rules”: refers to these terms, which apply to the Challenge.

“Team”: refers to the team of innovators, created on the platform in order to take part in the Challenge.

“Winner” or “Winners”: refers to the members of the Project that reach the final stage of the Challenge and are ranked by the Backers as the winning team.


3.1. Rules are intended to define the terms and rules of participation in the Challenge organized by the Organization in association with TAIKAI. Rules are destined to complete the General User Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the TAIKAI Platform, which can be downloaded through the links provided previously. In the event of inconsistency between these rules and regulations and those of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, these Rules will prevail.

3.2. The Innovator should be aware and agrees to the fact that the proposed Challenge calls on his/her wisdom, skill, and cleverness during extremely difficult trials. The Challenge shall not depend, even partially, on chance and luck under any circumstances, and can therefore not be considered as, or resemble a lottery.


4.1. Participation in this Challenge is free.

4.2. The Innovator must read these Rules, and fully accept their terms in their entirety without reservation before its Registration and participation in the Hackathon.

4.3. The Innovator guarantees that he/she will abide to the rules mentioned above. The delivery of the Prize will be conditional upon the capacity of the Innovator to meet the conditions stated.

4.4. Innovators must form teams.

4.5. Any Innovator and/or Team who doesn’t abide by the terms of the Rules during his/her Registration and at any time during the Challenge will be automatically and without previous notification, disqualified from the Challenge and shall not be awarded any Prize. In the case where a Prize would have been given to an Innovator and/or Team who doesn’t or didn’t comply with the Rules at the time of his/her Registration or during the Challenge, the Organizers have the discretionary right to demand the return of the Prize received.


5.1. For his/her Registration to the Challenge, each Innovator must open a user account on taikai.network and must indicate the following:

  • A valid username;
  • A valid email address or github account;
  • A valid password To validate his Registration, the Innovator must accept the General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy provided by TAIKAI.

To complete his/her Registration in the Challenge, the Innovator must opt-in on the box indicating that he/she accepts the Challenge Regulations.

A confirmation email containing a confirming link is sent to the Innovator’s listed email address. Once his/her account is confirmed, the Innovator can freely participate and complete their profiles.

5.2. Any Registration containing wrong, dubious, or incomplete information shall not be taken into account and disqualifies the Innovator and/or the Innovator’s Team from the Challenge.

5.3. By registering, the Innovator accepts being contacted through email by Organizers, for the duration of his/her participation in the Challenge.
5.4. If participants are coming from external platforms (most likely InnoCentive), they will be invited to join the "Hackathon"


6.1. The Hackathon shall take place from the 12th of August and the 17th of August.


7.1. The Challenge consists of making contributions formed by deliverables which are in accordance with the requirements listed in point 8 and 9, during the two steps of preselecting and selecting.

7.2. The deliverable must absolutely respond to the Challenge definition and rules described in this document. The deliverable is to be written in English.


9.1. The selection of the Projects occurs once the Project is submitted.

9.2. Only top Projects will be awarded, which will be ranked according to their Project and pitch.

9.3. Selection uses the following set of criteria: innovation, feasibility, impact and team motivation. Factors relating to a person's appearance, religious or trade union, political opinions or sexual orientation are under no circumstances considered for selection. Selection by way of chance or luck will not result in any way, whether that be directly or indirectly. 

9.4. This selection process will be carried out by a panel of a jury composed by experts. 

9.5. The Ranking made by the Jury will be announced after the hackathon.


10.1. Definition

"Intellectual property rights" refers to any Invention, any copyright or other rights over a brand or model and, more generally, any element that may be protected by international laws or conventions on intellectual property.

10.2. Any Project involving several Innovators constitutes a collaborative work.

10.3. As such, the Organizers are free to reproduce the Projects, to distribute them, to inform the public about them and to modify them. If the Projects are modified, altered or adapted, the Organization may distribute the resulting derived work only in accordance with the terms agreed on these Rules.

10.4. Each Innovator guarantees that he/she is the co-owner and co-holder of the Intellectual Property Rights regarding all or part of the deliverables submitted as part of the Challenge for the Project of which he/she is a member, and that he/she has obtained all rights and permissions regarding all pre-existing elements and any elements for which he/she does not hold the rights if these elements are to be included in the deliverables of all voting phases. Each member of a Participating Team guarantees that his/her application is original and unprecedented, that it does not infringe upon the copyright of any third party, and that all the elements of which it is formed, as well as all pieces of information communicated in the application presentation document, are accurate, reliable and complete. It is compulsory for Innovators to indicate the source of any pre-existing elements (music, text, images, etc.) that are included in the deliverables. Each Innovator ensures a good use of the deliverables provided by the Organizers, and as such ensures:

  • that the deliverables submitted by the Team of which he/she is a member is original;
  • that it does not infringe on or imitate any copyright, patent, brand or any other intellectual property belonging to a third party;
  • that it does not constitute an act of unfair competition or parasitical competition of any kind;
  • that all the elements of which it is formed, as well as all pieces of information communicated in the deliverables, are accurate, reliable and complete.

Each Innovator indemnifies the Organizers and any present and future subsidiaries against any disturbance, action, claim, opposition, demand or eviction attempt from any third party.

10.5. During and after the end of the Challenge, the Innovators have the right to use and register the Intellectual Property resulting from the Projects created (e.g. code, algorithms, etc.) for their own personal and commercial use. However, the Organization is completely entitled to use the idea and solution that resulted from those Projects for their own activity, agreeing that the idea and description of the solution on its own doesn’t constitute any Intellectual Property created by the Innovator.