Dystopia App

A Web 3.0 Gameboy Style Survival RPG about 3 Teens surviving a dying world

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Dystopia App is a gameboy-esque web 3 Action RPG Survival game, where the player faces off enemies and monsters, earning bounties on enemy kills. It's an arcade style game that aims to give the player the thrill of survival in a dystopic world, with Comic Books game mechanics and Anime.


Neo- sud was not the original name of these lands. It used to be a peaceful state with life's beauty,
radiant, blessed with natural resources and by the God's...well, err...that's just a legend of course that's believed by no one
save the gods themselves, and our former rulers. In the beginning, the gods ruled over all men. One day, led by their king, they separated their realm from ours. Theirs became the divine realm and ours became the mortal realm. Each world was then separated by a great divide called
the void. One day, Esu the Trickster God of the Pathways found a way to the mortal realm and made a pact with a powerful head of
state to grant him the power to rule over anything his heart so desired. But, one day, envious of the spread of contractual magic (juju) among the populace and neighbouring regions, dictator desired to conquer his neighbouring states, and eliminate all juju users. The war lasted 5 years,
but one day, a man wielding the most powerful juju that the world had ever seen, fought the dictator and defeated him, and upon his
death, B.O.P.E was formed; The Brotherhood of Powerfull Eternals, made up of the most powerful juju users on the Continent. They're a symbol of our
strength and they ensure that juju is never misused among the 4 regions again

It's available on Google Playstore and itch.io at www.inhumanity-arts.itch.io/dystopia-app. It's coming to Consoles, and Steam in Fall 2023.

Tools Used

  1. Godot Game Engine
  2. Algodot SDK
  3. Opentoonz
  4. Blender 3d
  5. Krita
  6. Kdenlive
  7. Photoshop
  8. Rust


    Dystopia App is built for a global gaming audience with the Brazillian & Nigerian gaming market as a base for it’s penetration. According to a report by New Zoo in 2021, the global gaming market is worth $91.2 Billion and could reach an estimated $112.6 billion by 2026. Nigeria as a case study has an estimated 80 million mobilel gamers estimated to earn about $57.37 million in 2023 with a projected market volume of $57.37 million in 2023 with a propagated market volume of $77 million by 2027. With a robust market and a healthy base, Dystopia App offers itself into a market that is economically viable, resilient, and accommodating to multiple players.

Business Model:

    Dystopia App’s business model is a commissions on in app purchases and Game sales on Consoles. It works like this, Users can fund their wallet and purchase

(a) Extra Life when they die

(b) Power Ups

(c) Unlock new characters

Our Business model also looks to gain longterm ROI from releases to handheld consoles including the playdate, clockwork pi, steam deck and Nintendo Switch.

Market Fit:

Dystopia App appeals to mobile gamers who are web 3 enthuiasts. Dystopia app embraces the broad mobile gaming market by creating an underlying web 3 experience, that has a retro-appeal. It appeals to everyday gamers while introducing them to web 3.

Why BlockChain?

    One of the major pitfalls of traditional gaming a game developers have come to know, is friction in purchases. One of the fundamental aspects of gaming is muddled government bureaucracy , and geographical tax rates, with players from some countries being restricted from making online payments with debit cards and credit cards because of strict national financial policies. The blockchain presents an opportunity to create a border-agnostic payment system for game deelopers and Players.

Why Algorand?

    Algorand offers the best technology that’s affordable and developer friendly, presenting itself as a low barrier entry into Blockchain Development. As a caveat, it is also carbon negative.

What Can We Accomplish?

    With a demo app already working on Testnet, the next phases of execution are as follows

  1. Ports to Steams, iOS, Web Assembly, Nintendo Switch
  2. Growth up to 25,000 mobile players distributed between 3 geographies, India, Brazil and Nigeria
  3. Growth up to 10,000 on Console and PC platforms.

How to Achieve?

(1) Seasonal University Campus Competitions:

    Dystopia App intends to launch a seasonal university campus event in Major capital cities  to promote and likewise boost app engagement and downloads.

(2) Character Design Competitions:

    Dystopia App intends to host design competitions for tokenized ingame characters to encourage 3d artists and designers create assets for the game.

Dystopia App’s crystalized plan is to boast of a robust gaming ecosystem and record at least 500,000 in app purchases, and 6000 Direct app sales.

Key Product Features

(1) Unique art style that evokes nostalgia

(2) Web 3 Game Mechanics via Smart Contracts

(3) Multi Platform

(4) Digital Collectibles


Dystopia App has so far made $3,500 in Gross Revenue off Direct App sales and Development Grants for our web 3 gaming plugin


So far, Dystopia app has over 1,000 users but would be looking to raise 50,000 users. Dystopia App is looking for $30,000 in investments with which it intends

  1. Employ more Rust, C++, UI, UX developers.
  2. Expand our custom plugin Algodot to include more web 3 functions for developer friendliness on Algorand.
  3. Improve Game Mechanics
  4. Fund Gameplay Servers


ఈ భూముల ఆదికాలంలో నీవు-సుడ్ దీన్ని అసలు పేరు కాదు. ఇది జీవితంలో సౌందర్యం కలిగిన శాంతమైన స్థానంగా ఉండేది. ప్రకృతి సంపదలతో ఆశీర్వదించబడి, దేవుళ్ళతో కూడిన ఒక కథ ఉంది ... అనివార్యంగా దేవతలు అనిస్తారని మాత్రమే అని మీరు నమోదు చేసేశారు.
ప్రారంభంలో, దేవుళ్ళు అందరూ మనవరంలో ప్రభుత్వం వహించేశారు. ఒక రోజు, అవరు తమ రాజుని నేతృత్వంలో ఉన్నారు, అవరు మన ప్రభుత్వంను మించిపోయారు. అవర ప్రభుత్వం దేవత ప్రభుత్వం అయితే, మనం సాధారణ మనస్తాపంతో ఉండే లోకం అయితే. అప్పుడు ప్రతి ల

ఒక రోజు, పథాల తెరాసిన దేవుడు ఎసు జన్మలో ఉన్నాడు. అతను సాధారణ మనిషికి మార్గం కనుగొని, శక్తివంత ఒక రాజకీయ ప్రధానికి సంక్షేమం అందించాడు, అతని హృదయం ప్రకారం ఏదైనా కావాలనుకుంటే అధికారం అందించడం. కానీ, ఒక రోజు, సంవత్సరాల జూజూ వ్యాపారంలో ఆసక్తి తగ్గిన దళితులు మరియు పరస్పర పరిస్థితులలో నిర్ణయాలు తీసుకోడానికి దిక్తాటర్ అసహ్యమయ్యాడు.

అవినీ సహించలేకపోయాయి, ఒకసారి ప్రపంచంలో చూడబడిన అతి శక్తివంతమైన జూజూ కింద నడిపిన మనిషి దిక్తాటర్ను వదిలించాడు. దిక్తాట వారు మా శక్తి సూచించిన చిహ్నంగా ఉన్నారు మరియు వారు మళ్లీ 4 ప్రాంతాలలో జూజూని తప్పక వాడవచ్చుకున్నారు.

అప్లికేషన్ డిస్టోపియా" ఒక గేమ్‌బాయ్‌ స్టైల్ వెబ్ 3 యాక్షన్ ఆర్పీజీ సర్వైవల్ గేమ్, ప్లేయర్ ఎన్మిగెత్ల మరియు మాంటర్లు పోటీదాం కోసం సమరం చేస్తారు, విరుద్ధంలో శత్రువులను ఎక్కువ జనాలకు చెల్లించి బౌంటీలను సంపాదిస్తారు. ఇది ఒక ఆర్కేడ్ స్టైల్ గేమ్ అని పట్టించి, కామిక్ బుక్ గేమ్ మెకానిక్స్ మరియు ఆనిమే నుంచి ప్రేరేపించి డిస్టోపిక్ ప్రపంచంలో మీరు జీవితంలో కలిగి ఉన్న థ్రిల్ ని ఇస్తుంది

ఇది Google Playstore లో మరియు itch.io లో అందుబాటులో ఉంది: www.inhumanity-arts.itch.io/dystopia-app. ఇది Fall 2023 లో కన్సోల్స్ మరియు స్టీమ్ లో అందుబాటులో ఉంది.