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Applied Data Hackathon

Accept the challenge and use our hackathon as a gateway to become a successful founder.

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Welcome to the Applied Data Hackathon!

We are eager to welcome you to the first event of our brand-new Applied Data Incubator and its partners. The hackathon is your gateway into our 6-month startup program that supports first-time founders from Europe in launching sustainable data startups based on validated, industry-relevant business solutions. We bring together data-driven entrepreneurs and international corporations in Berlin - one of Germany’s most relevant Data Hubs - to work with real-life data on real-life challenges. Besides mentoring and coaching as well as free co-working in our space at Drivery Berlin, we also support every team member of teams with 2 to 4 persons with 12,000 Euro in the form of a special founder scholarship - all equity free and not repayable. So your team could win up to 48,000 Euro! (Eligibility Criteria apply!)

But do not hesitate to join our hackathon in case you are not in a team yet or not sure if you want to join our program. You can decide at the end of the hackathon if you are ready to take the leap and start your own venture!

In Data we trust!

In our hackathon we bring together 50+ data scientists with entrepreneurial spirits from multiple backgrounds. So if you are not a data expert but want to explore the power of data, you are also more than welcome. In our event we will also bring you together with selected partners, coaches and mentors. You will learn many new skills by just joining our event and will also meet great people! Our Hackathon language is English.

Tackle your own or one of our Data Challenges!

We are shortly announcing challenges from our corporate partners. However, if you have an idea or want to work on your own challenge, do not hesitate to pitch them to your fellow hackathon participants, form a team and tackle them together. Here are some of our partners and supporters:

  1. Challenge #1: Predictive Maintenance – machine data, machine learning provided by our partner QuickMOVE GmbH
  2. Challenge #2: Object Classification in Real Environments in Manufacturing & Logistics provided by the University of St.Gallen / IntellIoT
  3. Challenge #3: Alerting for Emerging Topics powered by ITONICS
  4. Challenge #4: BYO - Bring in your own idea!

Sectors we focus on:


Join us online or offline in Berlin

If you join our hackathon you can choose between joining us in person at our co-working space in Berlin or online. We will provide you with your own Mural Board, your own Zoom License, a Slack group for communications as well as 24/7 access to our platform powered by Taikai. On the platform you can set-up your own private project space (no one else will have access to it). On this page you can also exchange notes and messages with fellow hackers as well as mentors and the Orga team. In case you join us in Berlin, we will cover your space for up to 30 people in our co-working spaces.

CU Soon!