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Women Hack Lisbon 2022

Women Hack is bringing womxn and non-binary people together to work on the future of Web3

  • 55 Participants
  • 79,960 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Blockchain

Prizes 💰

❗This prize information is not final. More prizes will be added in the next days ❗

There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place chosen out of all teams.

🏅1st prize:  1 week of audit credits (worth $19.000) by Quantstamp - 1000 USDC by ENS.Vision

🥈2nd prize:  1/2 week of audit credits (worth $10.000) by Quantstamp - 700 USDC by ENS.Vision

🥉3rd prize:  specialised  one-on-one course (worth $5.000) by Quantstamp - 300 USDC by ENS.Vision

The three winning projects will compete at the 10th and final event of hackathons organised by web3hubs for a prize pool of over $1M

Sponsor Bounties 🎯

Sponsor Bounties can be found here. This is not a complete list. More will be added in the next days, so remember to check for updates.

On Taikai bounties are identified as categories and can be found here. Please add these to your project, when submitting, so we can see which bounty you are applying for.

Judging Criteria and Process 🧑‍⚖️