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Women Hack Lisbon 2022

Women Hack is bringing womxn and non-binary people together to work on the future of Web3

  • 55 Participants
  • 79,960 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


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womenhack Lisbon 2022

Dive into the #LisbonNeonColors.

We are excited to bring together 250+ developers, creators, product managers, designers and experts to work on the future of Web3 for each of our editions.

womenhack is a IRL hackathon, happening 30/31st of October in Lisbon, that is bringing women and non-binary developers, creators, designers and experts together to work on the future of Web3.

Website: https://www.web3hubs.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/web3hubs

Notion (Hacker Guide): https://abyssinian-cardamom-ed9.notion.site/Hacker-Manual-01cf59a5dfa041dca9347ff0102769db

🏆 Winners 🥁

Main Prize Winners  

🥇1st prize:  1 week of audit credits (worth $19.000) by Quantstamp - 1000 USDC by ENS.Vision - Evermore 

🥈2nd prize:  1/2 week of audit credits (worth $10.000) by Quantstamp - 700 USDC by ENS.Vision - Seen 

🥉3rd prize:  specialized  one-on-one course (worth $5.000) by Quantstamp - 300 USDC by ENS.Vision - Arts Maps 


Tezos Challenge - $10.000  

$5.000 - Arts Maps 

$3.000 - MoonPrint 

$1.000 + a small grant consultation - Artifying Impact 

$1.000 + a small grant consultation - Constellations.xyz 

Algorand Challenge - $5.000  

🥇1st prize: $2500 - Evermore  

🥈2nd prize: $1500 -  AlterMerch  

🥉3rd prize: $1000 - constellation.xyz 

Solana Challenge - $2.000 

This one was a tie. So we are happy to announce two winners of this challenge.  

🏆Seen -  $1.000 

🏆Swage -  $1.000 

NEAR Challenge 

🏆Creéa:  $1.500


This is an IRL hackathon. At least half of the team needs to present for the team to be eligible.

Every team should be at the venue (Maps) at 4 pm to be judged (at least one member per team)

Important Dates

30th of October (Sunday)

8:30am: Registration opens

9am: Brunch

3pm-5pm: Technical Workshops



31th of October (Monday)

11am- 12pm: Brunch


5pm: Winners are announced

3rd of November

Sponsors announce winners

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality
    • How hard was the project to build? 
    • How well does the project leverage blockchain technology?
  • Sustainability
    • How useful is this submission in the real world?
    • How useful is this submission outside of the crypto community? 
    • If the project is specifically targeted to the crypto community, how correctly targeted is it?
  • Innovation
    • How innovative is the project?
    • Is the project leveraging a new technology?
    • Is the project enabling a new type of solution that solves a real problem?
  • Design
    • Does the user experience flow well?
    • Does the user interface look easy to use?
    • How much effort was put into the UX and UI?