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Finance API Dev Challenge

Build on APIs for our new Portfolio Protector and Thematic Basket Generator Fintech Products

  • 39 Participants


  • Diversified Financials
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
  • Software & Services

Who We Are

Vectorspace AI uses an ensemble of advanced language processing models to generate feature vectors that are transformed into correlation matrix datasets and ultimately a signal. This allows us to uncover hidden relationships between stocks, crypto, and global events and themes to protect, build, and inform your investment portfolio.

We are proud to host our first official Hackathon in support of our two recently released SaaS products for the finance community. These tools apply our scientific data engineering IP to solutions and products in Fintech. Hear us talk about our technology at this year's Morningstar Investment Conference.

About our finance products:



Determine how global events impact your portfolio of stocks - invaluable insights in protecting your portfolio.

  • Create your own workflow integrations
  • Send your portfolio via API
  • Receive scored impact to each stock

Create thematic baskets of similar stocks - for short or long investing. Filter your baskets by theme or date range for even more granular insights.

  • Customize your workflow via API access
  • Generate short or long baskets
  • Provide specific context control or date ranges

The Challenge

The goal of this hackathon is to drive big ideas and innovative solutions to build on top of our ML/NLP/NLU technology, accessed through the APIs for our new finance products above. We challenge you to reimagine how our technology can be used, developing your best app or product that uses them.


Our core audience is investors from individual traders up through financial institutions as we offer both retail and enterprise subscription level products.


  • Identify the category for your submission, either as big idea for innovation or best product for integration today
  • Provide a text description of your project that explains how the new features were implemented
  • Provide access to working application (test account, website, sandbox / production) - Instructions must be provided for judges to access
  • Include a publicly visible video (about 3 minutes) that explains your submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and made public


  • Best product for tomorrow - $10,000 USD
    A game changing idea that can propel our solutions forward, with a plan for how to execute. Must include a functioning MVP.

  • Best product for today - $5,000 USD
    Not all success is in huge leaps, we're after incremental value we can plug in today too. This product may not be as huge of a leap as the best product for tomorrow, but it still offers a valuable and innovative approach to the challenge.

  • Community favorite - $2,500 USD
    It wouldn't be a community if the community didn't have a choice in a winner so the submission that receives the most community votes takes home this reward.


Kasian Franks

Founder and CEO

Arina Maltseva

ML/NLP/NLU Engineer

Christopher Searson

Data Engineer

Manu Jain

Head of AR/XR 

David Curtner

Head of Corporate Strategy

Pilsang Park

EVP of Operations

Judging Criteria

  1. Business potential - 5 points: This criteria is scored based on the viability of the submission based on the market, target audiences, and competition.

  2. Relevance to the theme - 5 points: This criteria is scored based on how effectively the submission relates to the challenge ask.

  3. User Experience - 5 points: This criteria is scored based on the ease of use of the submission relative to the existing product offering. 

  4. Completion/Execution - 5 points: This criteria is scored based on the completion of the work as expressed in the submission.

NOTE: For a project to qualify as a finalist in the "Best Product For Today" category an Innovator must include a working MVP. "Best Product For Tomorrow" Innovators are not required to include a working MVP to qualify as a finalist, but are required to include a working MVP in their final submission.

Important Dates

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Monday, August 15th

12:00am - Registration

12:01am - Ideation + Development

Monday, August 29nd

9:00am: Intro + Q&A with VSB Founder, Kasian Franks

(recording found in Resources below)

Friday, September 30th

11:00am: Project Check-In

(jury will notify projects if they're not on the right path)

Saturday, October 15th

11:00am: Submission Deadline

Sunday, October 16th

5:00pm: Winners Announced

Monday, October 17th

11:00am - 12:45pm: Winner Demo Day


See the Resources section for access to our product APIs and documentation.

Example Documentation


tickers, event, vxv_wallet_addr, api_key

    "portfolio_protector": {
        "earthquake in taiwan": [
                "stock": "INTC",
                "score": 4.7
                "stock": "ASML",
                "score": 4.2
                "stock": "TSLA",
                "score": 3.9
                "stock": "AAPL",
                "score": 3.6
            "vxv_wallet_addr": "0x56E6d402ec52F080f07f4b7Db82fD74f27A297e9",
        "message": "Success."

curl -X 'GET' 'https://demo.vectorspacebio.science/api/_portfolio_protector?tickers=tsla,aapl,asml,intc&event=earthquake+in+taiwan&vxv_wallet_addr=0x56E6d402ec52F080f07f4b7Db82fD74f27A297e9&api_key=XSKXWYIBEEBUFJUGIIXIVCTRKFVWXDRRGCER'

- Tickers: 1-10
- API calls per second: 1

See full documentation...