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Vectorspace AI

San Fransisco, United States

Using an ensemble of language models to generate feature vectors that are transformed into correlation matrix datasets and ultimately a signal, we uncover hidden relationships among stocks, cryptos, global events, and themes to protect and inform your investment portfolio.

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Recent product launches for finance by VECTORSPACE AI are a direct result in work completed by VECTOR SPACE BIOSCIENCES. It all loops back to finance ultimately, but here's our origin story.

VECTOR SPACE BIOSCIENCES accelerates discovery for the benefit of all mankind. To establish a lunar base or go to Mars, understanding how to protect and repair the human body during spaceflight is required. In collaboration with our scientific labs, we use advanced language modeling and a network of scientific data engineering pipelines to produce datasets that accelerate the probability of discoveries connected to stressors and countermeasures that protect and repair the human body during spaceflight and on the ground in the form of personalized medicine for all humankind.

The scientific subject matter expertise we've acquired has translated to products and services for the financial industries - the engines that power research and funding within space biosciences.