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Voting Ended & Winner Announcement 🏆

a month ago

The final moment of our wonderful journey on this challenge has come to an end! 😢 The jury has voted and selected the projects of this Game Jam. 👾

Before we announce the winners, I'd just like to thank you all, both participants and juries that have made this an incredible adventure for us and that gave us a ton of feedback to work on the next Game Jam. (Yes, there will be more! 🤓)

And the winner is... FREYR!

Congrats @lapisrider and @plainsugardonuts for the 1st prize! 🏆 @IneffableKoD stay strong and congrats on the 2nd prize! 🥈 @Rickropes you got yourself a 3rd prize! 🥉

You're all awesome! 😎

    Amazing Games built! Let the voting begin!

    a month ago

    Hey Gamers! 👾

    Congrats on this final sprint! We have wonderful games built on TAIKAI ready to be voted by our Jury! 🚀 Since we have 6 games built, we're going to feature them all one by one through challenge updates and social media to make it more visible. 🙌

    We begin with "Fish For Good", a tabletop board game to raise awareness of the life below water SDG! Congrats @YannickZehnder, @LethalBacon and @tati_sketch! You can consult the game here

    Enjoy and share it! 😎 Fish For Good

      Bright Pixel is joining the panel of "A Game to Save the World"

      2 months ago

      Gamer, are you ready for the game of the year? 🚨👾

      We are thrilled to announce that Bright Pixel is joining the panel of judges of A Game to Save the World, with the presence of the great Celso Martinho.

      Today, Bright Pixel is uniquely positioned to work with industry leaders in the retail, telco and media businesses, the growing startup ecosystem, universities, and other investors from around the world. They are a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers, investors, and their background and connections derive from the Web and Telecommunication industries.

      Celso himself, for those who don't know him, is an avid gamer and tech geek! He was also one of the founders of SAPO, the Portuguese Google. 😎 This is a great asset for this competition! Besides supporting us with their experience in organizing and managing events like Pixels Camp, with a community of more than 7.500 developers, they'll also help us in choosing the best game that will win this online challenge.

      The clock is ticking! ⏰ Gather your team and create your game here.

        GAME JAM 1.0: The Latest News from Partners

        3 months ago

        Hi, Gamers! 👾

        Let's begin the week with some great news! 🗞️ We are proud to announce that Doppio is our new Partner in the "A Game to Save the World" Challenge!

        Doppio is a Portuguese videogame development studio specialised in voice-controlled conversational games. In the words of the CEO himself, Jeferson Valadares, what makes Doppio different is that “(…) by bringing together fantastic writers, creating compelling worlds and building a conversational gaming environment with the support of AI, we believe that we can create captivating, popular gaming experiences that simply can’t be achieved elsewhere.” 🚀

        With this partnership, we aim to motivate participants to create even better digital or analogue games that educate people around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, partnerships like these bring experienced individuals in the gaming area, that will be part of the jury panel, such as the prestige Doppio team members.

        Join us and Press START 👈🕹

          Timeline update

          3 months ago

          Hello, Gamers!  👾

          We hope you're all staying healthy and safe.

          We are sending you this message just to tell that due to the pandemic stage, we have changed some dates of the Game Jam:

          • Registration and ideation: until 31 May 2020
          • Development: until 31 May 2020
          • Voting: 1 to 5 June 2020
          • Results: 5 June at 6 pm

          Imagine using your great knowledge and passion for games to create sustainable solutions...

          Are you ready? Join the battle! 👊🏻

            Improved Prizes!

            4 months ago

            Hey Game Jammer and World Changer 👋

            We know you're working hard to build the best game ever.

            Considering that, we're happy to announce that our Prizes have improved! 😱 You can check them out on the Overview tab, Prizes subsection.

            Best of luck and keep being awesome!

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