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Healthy Planet Hackathon

Hack for a healthier planet with us! Use Tech to shape your future!

  • 60 Participants
  • 41,159 Invested
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  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Materials
  • Blockchain
  • Sustainability

Welcome to the Healthy Planet Hackathon!

Are you based in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel or even Singapore? Doesn’t matter were you are based: We are all on the same planet and this planet is struggling! Join us to hack for a healthier, more resilient and strong planet. Let’s start small(er) by jointly solving concrete problems from society or industry.

You have not joined a hackathon before?

A hackathon (also known as a hackday, hackfest or codefest) is a sprint-like, very intense co-creation format of 2 to 5 days. Experts from multiple domains work together to jointly hack. In this fast-paced environment innovators that often have not met before brainstorm new solution ideas, validate their approaches and even create MVPs based on new concepts, new software applications or hardware.  

Our Hackathon is actually a HackWeek!

From November 28 until December 2, we focus on co-creating to solve challenges related to: 

  1. Make Cities healthy & resilient
  2. Increase access to sustainable energy solutions
  3. Build smarter & more eco-friendly buildings
  4. Preserve Nature for future generations

We will shortly announce challenges from our partners - an encourage you to bring your own ideas. 

How to prepare well

  • Organize in Teams. Ideally, each team should be made up of programmers, designers as well as profiles that could process the business and / or social value of each implementation.
  • Check out the challenges and brainstorm first ideas. Prepare for example application ideas and make related drawings in the form of wireframes. 
  • Keep up to date on Taikai and do not miss important deadlines.
  • Search for and combine open public data and interfaces (APIs, web services etc.). Recommend your own to all participants. 
  • Read the FAQ page regularly as it give important updates.

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