SpaghettETH is the first Italian HackFest of Ethereum. Its mission is to give rise to the Italian community of Ethereum and support cross-pollination among Italian builders for the sake of public goods. The SpaghettETH Hackathon is divided into categories; each represents a bounty. All bounties are sponsored by SpaghettETH partners, except the “SpaghettETH” impact-track.

For each Category/Bounty, follow its rules and submission criteria.


  • EthOS // DeFi, NFTs and utilities

  • SkillWallet // Self-sovereign portable NFT Identity

  • PolygonDAO // Implementation of Scaling Solutions

  • IoTeX // IoT, Oracles and “MachineFi” Dapps

  • SpaghettETH // Web3 Education

  • CypherParty // Creating an Extension using EthOS Items


The hackathon is open to all SpaghettETH registered hackers who have technical, business or social science backgrounds.


Please see each Category/Bounty's submission criteria.


4th of May, 12:00 CET _ hackathon starts

18th of May, 9:00 CET _ submission deadline


  • You can work alone or in teams of up to 5

  • You must work on the submission from scratch

  • Submissions of pre-existing ideas will be disqualified

  • However, you can still use boilerplates, or forks / tweaks of other projects that you have worked on in the past (but must alter at least 25% of the original contract/DApp or use-case study)


join the SpaghettETH Discord channel - https://discord.gg/Dp3nxpU67K