Hacking for Trust

Social Impact Hackathon: Powered by Impact Plus, Polygon, and Georgetown University

  • 95 Participants
  • 70,150 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Social Good & Impact
  • Blockchain
  • International Affairs

Winning Teams will be contacted by Impact Plus staff the week following the hackathon to secure wallet details for USDC transfers.

Questions about this process should be routed through Impact Plus staff in each participating country.Participants projects will automatically be considered for the Polygon tract. 

In addition to this tract, teams can identify in their category selections of their projects to be considered for the 1Inch and MetaMask tracts that incorporate specific tasks, platforms, and wallets into their social impact projects. 

A list of the bounties can be found below.


Polygon Tract (Judging criteria in Rules Tab of Hacking for Trust)

- USDC 3,000 + an opportunity to join the first #PolygonImpact incubator

- USDC 1,500 + an opportunity to join the first #PolygonImpact Incubator

- USDC 700

MetaMask (Submission and Evaluation Criteria)

MEAL Snaps - A call for the development of Snaps to customize/extend the MetaMask wallet experience in a way that supports Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning.

A Snap is a program run in an isolated environment that customizes and extends the wallet experience. We are looking for new and interesting use cases to modify MetaMask using Snaps.

- First Place: 700 USD

- Second Place 300 USD

1Inch (Judging Criteria and Task Description Notion Page)

Task 1: Raise utilisation of 1inch network fusion protocol through using Fusion API in you project.

- First Place: 4000 USD

- Second Place 3000 USD

- Third Place 2000 USD

Task 2: Build a custom 1inch Network Fusion Mode Resolver

- First Place: 3500 USD

- Second Place 2000 USD

- Third Place 1000 USD

Task 3: Open track focused on open source. Any project with meaningful impact to the community

- First Place: 3500 USD

Task 4: Use 1inch Wallet button in your solution

- First Place: 500 USD