University Hackathon

Students and recent alumni from all universities are welcome to participate.

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School Winter? Web3 Summer!

Your university is on winter break, but Web3 is in its invincible summer. 

University $1M+ Hackathon

As part of Silicon Valley Blockchain Week, Harmony will host a web3 hackathon for students from Dec 20th, 2021 to Jan 23rd, 2022 with over $1M in grants and prizes. Students and recent alumni from all universities are welcome to participate.


Harmony is a believer in nurturing enthusiastic builders of the future. The University web3 hackathon will give students a chance to build and showcase their projects for a chance to claim grants and prizes valued at over $1M. The hackathon will run from December 20th, 2021 until January 12th, 2022, with winners announced on January 16th, 2022. See "Important Dates" below.

What Is Harmony?

  • Build on Harmony, Bridge to all chains.
  • Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Be the ONE to bridge to all blockchains.
  • Harmony is an open and fast blockchain.
  • Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony’s secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and other chains.

Winner Selection Process

All projects will be voted on within the Taikai platform. In true decentralized fashion, the Harmony DEV community will vote on all submitted projects to select overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The community will be asked to judge projects by the following criteria:

  • Global scalability
  • Originality
  • Is it realistic?
  • Provides a solution or means to solving an existing problem



Unable To Participate But Want To Be Involved?

Harmony is offering a $1K stipend for 1 Ambassador from each university for doing marketing and general on-campus promotion to recruit 10 entries from their campus. Please submit the Hackathon Ambassador Intake to be considered.
*To hold integrity in this event, you will not be eligible to hold an ambassador role if you are participating in the hackathon.

**Ambassador submissions are now closed.