The 4th Dimension of art experience: Co-exploration of art with the Solana ecosystem

Prize: For Solana, compete for an overall prize of 24000 USD

General Track Challenge: 2000 Cash + 6000 Cloud Storage

Sub-Challenge All Art: 2000 Cash + 6000 Cloud Storage

Sub-Challenge Neon Labs: 2000 Cash + 6000 Cloud Storage

The Metaverse of Art with Solana Labs and Metaplex

Solana Labs and Metaplex act as ecosystem partners to help solve the biggest NFT hurdles. Solana Labs will host a series of education activities, art-talks and provide mentorship to introduce the participant to the NFT experience on Solana and the products being built across the ecosystem. Next to the general Solana track, All-Art protocol and Neon Labs provide two exciting sub challenges which inspire artists and developers to explore the 4th dimension of art experience. 

About Solana

Solana is the most performant blockchain in the world. It gives developers the confidence to build for the long term by delivering predictable scaling without compromising security or composability. Solana’s performance is driven by intra-shard parallelism, which is capable of processing thousands of smart contracts at once, and by Proof of History, an innovation in distributed timekeeping that unlocks low-latency, sub-second finality across the global state. To learn more, please visit

Founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers in late-2017, Solana is a single-chain, Proof-of-Stake protocol whose focus is on delivering scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. Solana can currently handle 50,000 TPS with single transaction costs as low as $0.00001.

Solana General Track: 

How to interact with your fanbase in a digital museum or showroom? 

How to create a Dynamic Showroom experience for Artists?

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Jury & Mentor: Tamar Menteshashvili (Solana Ecosystem Growth) 

Solana Website

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Solana Sub-Category: All-Art

Food for Thought: How would you (as an artist/developer) use the VR-All-Art platform and Solana to interact with your community while you work on your oeuvre? Can the platform enable collaborative art or can the community buy during the generation of the art work.

Jury & Mentors: Alexander Fuerer (COO), Vitomir Jevremovic (CEO), Anica Zivaljevic (Creative Director)

All Art protocol Website

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Solana Sub-Category: Neon Labs

The growth in popularity of blockchain-based culture has lowered entry barriers to an otherwise very complex technology, making the benefits of decentralization more accessible for a wider audience. This has awakened an entirely new generation of leaders, introduced artist-centric business models, spurred artistic innovation, and expanded the design space for blockchains beyond finance.

The Neon sub-challenge is about continuing to reach new audiences through artistic expression of the Solana blockchain itself. This may be generative art in visual and/or audible form using Solana block/transaction data, or something entirely novel. In addition, artists and developers are encouraged to explore various formats for displaying this work. This could be in 2D or 3D space, embedded in a metaverse, or interact with the physical world; we welcome any number of creative possibilities.

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Jury & Mentor: James Ikeguchi (Head of Strategy),