The Winners of the hackARThon 2021

We are delighted to inform you about the results of the final judging:

1.     Solana General Track Challenge

One of the main goals of Solana to participate with their challenge was to motivate as many artists as possible to embark on NFT. We are happy to inform that ARTIST-Made has received the highest score in that challenge and receives USD 2’000.- plus access to cloud services* worth USD 6’000.-


2.     Solana Sub-Challenge VR-All Art

We reviewed the projects and found that none of the submissions met the requirements to make it to the finals. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we decided to compensate the team with the highest score in that challenge - NEA New Emerging Artists - with USD 500.- plus access to cloud services* worth USD 6’000.-


3.     Solana Sub-Challenge Neon Labs. 

For this challenge none of the submissions fully met the requirements. The USD 500.- plus access to cloud services* worth USD 6’000.-, should help the team and the project with the highest score - QLIP from Africa - to further develop the project. 


4.     Persistence Challenge

The Persistence Challenge emphasised on the inter-chain NFT solution or use of inter-NFT module but none of the submissions met the described metrics for evaluations. Although, the Persistence team found the idea by NFTify promising and the team will be invited for a follow up to shape the project for completion. A fully completed project will be awarded with a grant of USD 10’000.-

Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters of this first hackARThon


Inspired by the idea to tokenize an entire monastery, the goal of the #hackARThon is to bring NFTs to a broader audience and give artists the chance to control all aspects of their art, including distribution and monetization. Blockchain technology will be the center of all predefined challenges.

This hackathon is supported by art-st-urban and is fully free and open to software developers, creators, biz devs, hackers, art fans, art dealers, Blockchain nerds, NFT freaks and any solution-minded person, ready to solve the predefined challenge in a team. 

The ideation phase already started. Submit your idea now and profit from the feedback of the MENTORS. Deadline for submission is 11 October 18:00 CET.  Participants will be expected to submit a prototype and a short video presentation. Our diverse jury of experts will evaluate your ideas based on 4 criteria: Problem-Solution Fit, Feasibility, Technology and Novelty Factor. Winners will be announced the same day during the awards ceremony. 

The Challenges  

The 4th Dimension of art experience: Co-Exploration of art with the Solana Ecosystem

Open Innovation around Art and Music by Persistence One


Solana & Metaplex Ecosystem VR-ALL-ART/ ALL-ART, Neon Labs

Persistence One 

Phoenix Systems & KORE Technologies

The teams compete for a prize 80'000 USD. 

What you can expect

  • Online ideation with the support of NFT and IT MENTORS from Solana, VR-All-ART / ALL-ART, Neon Labs, Metaplex, Persistence One, KORE Technologies and Phoenix Systems.
  • NFT Art talks & mentors, personal development and a lot of fun
  • Winning teams compete for a prize pool worth 80’000 USD in total

Enter the Metaverse of Art, Music and Photography!