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QuickRudi tells the story of our passenger - we lovely call him Rudi - who travels daily by public transport in Vienna, who is always a little bit too late and who dislikes ticket controls because it is in his opinion too time consuming. Luckily, the WienMobil app has recently published an update that makes the ticket control process quick and easy, time saving and tailored to Rudi’s needs. The new update focuses on the strength of each OS in order to improve the user’s experience. Now, Rudi is able to add his digital tickets to his wallet on his iPhone and he can quickly access his active ticket in the WienMobil app via tabbing on the WienMobil tile in the quick settings on his Android phone. But also coping with short-lived tickets is since the last update more convenient. Rudi can purchase a single trip ticket for his daughter and get straight after an expandable notification on his lock screen that contains the scannable QR-Code for the inspector. What an awesome approach to offer a combined set of technical implementations! 


“I love to work as a software engineer. My passion lies in front-end development as well as the process behind software development. Finding ideas, working on different concepts and providing functioning code are just a few aspects that keeps my job so engaging. Over the years, I have been involved in various projects that have all more or less in common: complex requirements, too little time & budget and a different understanding of quality. In order to cope with all that I have experienced, it is sometimes better to have a broader skill set that not only consists of technical but also social and conceptual skills.”


“I am focused on the technical innovation of a company, on decisions regarding architecture and structures, building and managing teams and last but not least the lived processes in a clean software development life cycle. Colleagues would describe me as a strong team player with a strong solution- and customer-oriented mindset. I started with pure simple web development twelve years ago and gained valuable experience in professional software development in the various domain fields such as safety-critical public domain, logistics, metal industry and the railway domain. Over the years I developed not only engineering skills but also skills in software architecture, consulting and technical coaching regarding  DevOps transformation and the agile way of work.”