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Idea at a glance

  • Use UID of NFC-tags to identify the customer
  • Several and various NFC-tags are possible: 
    • built-in NFC-tag of customer‘s smartphone as standard
    • tag of customer‘s already existing card (bankcard, credit card, …) 
    • Wiener Linien club gadgets  (i.e. bracelet, sticker, shoe strap clips, key fobs, …)
  • Customer use NFC of their smartphone or add tags with the WienMobil ticket app

Variety for customers, unified for inspectors

  • Easily connect your IDs with your wiener linien account
  • Easy inspection based on unique NFC-ID in every case
    • Standard: Use NFC-ID of your smartphone or smartwatch
    • Optional: Connect NFC-ID of your existing cards to your account 
    • Optional: Connect NFC-ID of various club gadgets to your account

Technical, user-based Solution

  • Check the user identity instead of the ticket


  • 4customer
    • quick access and easy handling
    • usage of existing technology / cards
    • optional:
      • ticket club offers a lot of cool ticket gadgets 
      • creation of your own ticket gadget is possible
  • 4Wiener Linien
    • quick and reliable inspection possible without any investment in hardware
    • visual ticket possible in parallel  
    • wonderful marketing possibilities

Additional Possibilities

  • Connect NFC-Tags through manual input for costumers without the possibility to read in a NFC-tag
    • WL could offer NFC-sticker with a manually writable number (f.e. 5 digits) which are pre-stored and assigned to the real UID in the backend
  • Extended inspection
    • If the customer seems suspicious, trigger a push notification on the device of the customer which opens the visual ticket on the device
  • Integrated Shop to buy gadjets
  • RFID as general Mobility Key
    • NFC-tag could be mobility-access-key to other mobility services (f.e. carsharing)


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