The Idea

We think that the best and most reliable ticket is no (physical or digital) ticket at all, but something you always have with you. Passengers who buy their ticket online must provide their data when ordering, in particular their first name, last name, and date of birth. In other words, the backend holds all valid tickets plus owner information. So far so good, we are of course aware that identifying a person in the current way is way too slow. However, we have a solution for that! All the ticket inspector has to do is hold any photo ID (eCard, student ID, driver's license, ID card, passport ...) in front of his smartphone camera and immediately receives feedback if that person has a valid ticket - in other words, it's just as easy as scanning a QR code. In our AnyTicket solution we use artificial intelligence-based OCR, to extract the data from the ID card in a fraction of a second and check it against the database with all valid tickets. By synchronizing the ticket database with the ticket inspectors's smartphone, offline availability can be ensured.

The Prototype

With our prototype, which was implemented as a native Android application, it is possible to try out the AnyTicket concept and functionality. When ID cards are scanned with the app, the extracted data is matched with our local "Demo Ticket Database". In the app, valid tickets can be added to the datebase - this simulates the purchase of a ticket in the Wien Mobil app. 

To test the prototype, for example, you prepare two ID cards from different persons, add the data from one person to the "Demo Ticket Database" and then step into the role of a ticket inspector. The AnyTicket app will react differently to the ID cards when you scan them.
Currently, the prototype supports only driver's licenses and ID cards (limited to austrian). Other ID types such as eCards or student IDs could also be added easily to the supported IDs.

The Team


The Tech Dude. He has a strong academic background in computer science and professional experience as a Solution Architect, Software Developer and Research Assistant.

The Creative Dude. Raphi has several years of professional experience as a UX Designer and Art Director and is currently the UX Lead responsible for refurbishing the banking app that most Austrians use at the moment.

The Business Dude. As an innovation enthusiast, he is the driving force behind many projects in the tech corner. With a solid academic and professional foundation of experience as well.