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Snicket is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) driven implementation for instantaneous ticket control management. It is fast, reliable and can be added to the current functionality of the Wien Mobil App with a negligible amount of code extensions.

Wiener Linien ticket inspectors can activate a ticket control stop with a single button on their Android Mobile Device. This device will now act as a Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon to advertise/send out small packages of data to surrounding mobile devices. Upon receiving this data, the Wien Mobil App of approaching passengers will automatically push a notification to the Lock Screen with their current valid ticket(s). Thus, passengers do not need to search and locate their ticket as it shows up automatically when approaching a Wiener Linien ticket inspector. Furthermore, a short control code, which is sent out by the ticket inspectors device, can act as an instant security mechanism, to ensure that valid tickets can be checked right from the Lock Screen, also cutting down on time validating the tickets.


+ Ticket does not need to be found anymore as it shows up automatically when approaching a ticket inspector

+ Ticket inspectors can validate tickets right from the lock screen

+ Easy to implement with only a few lines of code, thus highly cost efficient

+ Easy to maintain and widespread adoption of the BLE standard

+ No additional setup, nfc cards, wristbands, qr-codes or additional server technology necessary

For more detail, watch the video or download the documentation below.