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Solution Title : Sonic Check 

  Solution Description:

Sonic Check is a solution that uses audio to authenticate tickets. This will be available as a widget on the lock screen so that the passenger doesn't need to unlock the mobile to use the application. The Passenger can use the widget to generate a Time based OTP ( TOTP ). This OTP is then encoded into a secure ultrasonic audio clip and played near the Inspector Application. The Ticket Inspector Application will decode the ultrasonic audio clip without data loss and authenticate the TOTP with the server.

  Demo / Mock-Up :  Please refer below


  • The Ticket is Validated in a short amount of time.
  • Sonic Check ticket validation uses Ultrasonic sound to communicate, so ambient noise is minor factor here.
  • Sonic Check does not require any specified hardware.
  • Sonic Check can work on ~100% of mobile devices with WienMobil
  • No need for new Permission in WienMobil Application since it doesn’t require extra hardware access.
  • Sonic Check technology is not device dependent and can be implemented on iOS and Android.
  • Sonic Check is Secure, Reliable and technically feasible

  For more in-depth information: Please Refer the presentation attached Here

Team Name: TheLoneSamurai

Team Member : Infant Sam Christian.

Experience: Worked as a freelancer for 1.5 years on Full Stack Projects, Android Applications and Data Analytics Dashboards. Currently working as an Engineer in Digital Manufacturing Domain.