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Our solution uses WiFi to to a quick handshake between the controller and the passenger apps. 

When the controller enters a vehicle their phone is providing a WiFi hotspot, which passengers' phone will automatically connect to. Upon connection, the passenger app sends a message containing current valid tickets as well as personal information. After receiving an acknowledge by the controller app, the passenger's phone disconnects from the WiFi.

Main advantages

  • A controller can now immediately see if there are passengers with expired or no valid tickets
  • Passengers only need WiFi on their phone enabled
  • No physical interaction is needed
  • No jamming of other communication channels (bluetooth)

Security Measures

  • All data is transferred encrypted
  • The quick disconnect after receiving an acknowledge combats WiFi spoofing
  • Every registered passenger will have a phone saved into their settings, which can not be changed quickly. This avoids sharing of the app/tickets


We plan to deliver a proof of concept app pair that sends the message with the data (mocked data) and acknowledges the message. In detail:

  • Passenger app with data saved that sends the data upon WiFi connection
  • Controller app that receives and acknowledges the app, as well, as shows the ticket status of the passenger

Team Members

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