We want to optimize the current app ticket flow by developing an Android and iOS ticket widget. Depending on the widget size and state users can instantly show their ticket to an inspector, check how long their ticket is valid and start a buying process for a new ticket. Depending on if the user has a ticket or not the widget deeplinks to different entry points in the app.


  • Developing an iOS and Android ticket widget for a prototype app (main focus is on the widget development as it is intended as an extension to the current Wien Mobil App)
  • Developing different widget sizes, states and use cases
    • Sizes
      • Small
      • Medium
      • Large
    • States
      • User has no ticket
      • User has one valid ticket
      • User has multiple tickets (for several persons)
    • Use cases
      • Buy a new ticket (deeplink to app buying process)
      • Show ticket information for inspection
      • Show ticket overview if user has multiple valid tickets
      • Show remaining time for ticket (especially for small widgets)
  • Widget tutorial
    • Designing and developing an interactive widget tutorial which will be displayed after the ticket buying process is finished (only if the user has no active widget)
    • The tutorial should quickly present the different widget possibilities and how to add them


We heard about the Tickethon and decided to accept this challenge together. Who are we? We are three friends, Christina, Melanie and Simon, with different backgrounds but a shared passion for innovative technology. We want to introduce ourselves briefly to you: 

Christina Mutz

I'm currently working part time in a TV and video production company, where I mainly designing digital media products and video animations. Furthermore I am in the sixth semester of the bachelor degree program media technology at the FH St.Pölten.  Over the past three years I gained a lot of experience in user interface and media design in several internships and main emphasis courses. In the design process I am working with the tools of Adobe Creative Cloud. I also gained some basic Java programming skills and I'm highly motivated to expand them to Android development during this project.

Simon Florian

Hi, I'm 23 years old and currently enrolled in the software engineering master degree at the FH Technikum Wien. During my bachelor degree in business informatics I worked part time as a iOS app developer and project manager. Ever since I developed a passion for mobile apps and innovative solutions. My current technology stack involves Swift (iOS development), Javascript (nodeJS & react) as well as a little bit of Kotlin (Android development).

Melanie Wachter

Hello, I am a master student at the university of Vienna in the education science program. I'm also doing a second master part time program in early care counselling. In my bachelor degree education science I focused on media research and education and in my linguistics bachelor degree I put a strong focus on usability concepts and digital language communication. As a result I developed a hobby for user experience design. Based on my previous education I have a differentiated view on end user IT solutions with a strong focus on human centered design. In this Tickethon I want to further expand my knowledge in app user experience design.


The source code as well as the documentation and development walkthroughs are available via:

As the upload limit does not allow uploads over 50MB.

Main ressources:

  • iOS project source code
  • Android project source code
  • Main feature video
  • Widget tutorial / advertisement video prototype (can be advertised via infoscreen)
  • iOS Setup Tutorial Video
  • Android Setup Tutorial Video
  • Project documentation
  • Presentation of results