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  • Briefly describe your idea and what you intend to deliver in the end of the Hackathon.

According to the need to increase the number of validations made by inspectors, we suggest two features: the use of a simple notification system and facial recognition system.

  1. Simple notification system: A constant notification on the passenger's device will directly show the ticket without unlocking the screen. The ticket's availability and the QR code for ticket id will be constantly refreshed according to changes.

The steps it takes for passengers to provide the ticket :

  • Locating the phone;
  • Showing the screen to the inspector.

We intend to deliver the whole solution.

  1. Machine Learning algorithm for face recognition: The inspector's device will use profile photos of the passengers from the database and then combine the faces that are captured by cameras, the faces will be matched according to a score. Then, the validation begins and the information about the ticket will be captured by the database and will be classified as a valid or invalid ticket.

The recognition will be fast and able to validate multiple faces at the same time and if there is a problem with the flow or if the passenger does not agree with facial recognition, the validation process will take place according to the first feature.

The steps it takes for passengers to provide the ticket :

  • None.

We intend to deliver a mass validation software based system and an accurate algorithm.

  • Briefly describe each member of your team, regarding their background and technical abilities. 

Caner (Mobile Development, Back End Development and application infrastructure)

Gabriella (UI/UX Design, Front End Development and Business)