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Integrate the api's into a stock dashboard, helping investors make a better decision on shorting/buying. Think of over-bough/sold indicators, sentiment analysis, news articles, insider activity

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This is my stock dashboard app making use of Finnhubs api to gather financial data. As I didn't have the time and funds to set up a backend, I couldn't fetch from the vxv api. Fetching through the browser caused a cors error. I had mentioned this in the discord, but I think this problem wasn't passed on or fell on deaf ears. This is not a problem but it does mean that much of the vxv api data in my project is hard-coded.


The dashboard tries to give the user a summary of a stock at a single glance. Users get suggestions from the vxv api of related stocks, which allows the user to enter a continuous process of stock searching. A stock of interest can be added to a watchlist. A watchlist can then on the /watchlist page be analyzed for its safety. Users can query an event and see how safe their stock is with regard to that event. A nifty speedometer visualizes the safety and users can easily discard stocks and see how this updates their safety score.

NOTE: Do not refresh too many times, as I am using a trial version of the Finnhub api.

The project was made in Nextjs and is deployed on vercel: