TechNovator is a deep tech, wireless charging solution. Our technology is completely new and is not based on any existing methods of energy transfer. Our innovation is based on energy quantization, a result of 8 years of research. Our technology allows the simultaneous charging of several devices,

✅At a distance up to 0,5m 

✅With high efficiency up to 95%.

Our solution is a game changer when compared with current state-of-the-art. Existing methods have so many disadvantages. We are able to charge under any kind of environmental conditions and even underwater

No heating

No electromagnetic interference 

No emission

WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM WITH EXCESSIVE WASTE OF BATTERIES AND WIRES/CORDS.  Also, our technology can prolong the battery life. We successfully integrated our technology into 5 products for the Consumer Electronics market (you can see the uploaded video on how it works) and we are able to do the same for the Mobility market.



For the Mobility and Transportation markets, we want to integrate our wireless charging technology into drones and e-scooters, e-bikes or EVs.

  • DRONES industry:

We want to create wireless charging ports for the drones ensuring the big problem with drones’ autonomous flight. Drones could be on duty 24/7 days without any human support.

Currently, the average time to fly is around 30 minutes. For example, energy companies use drones for the diagnostic of solar stations or diagnostic of power lines. The process looks like: a drone flies, an operator uses a car, which needs gas or petrol to follow the drone and when the battery is dead it takes 30 min to rechange it. 

It’s rather costly and it’s not effective. We are able to create intelligent wireless charging platforms in various sizes and various shapes. It can be rigid or flexible. Our wireless charging platform can work in different weather conditions: snow, rain, ice, hot weather, etc. It will be necessary to connect our wireless charging platform to any socket, windmill, solar or electric pole. Also it will be possible to charge underwater drones. For this goal it will be necessary to integrate our receiving elements directly into the drone.

  • E-MOBILITY industry:

We want to integrate our innovative wireless charging technology into electric scooters or electric bikes and create wireless charging parking stations or even wireless charging routes for them. With that solution we will solve the big problem with managing e-scooters.

Currently, we can see e-scooters everywhere but we can not use them. They are discharged. The process of charging looks like people have to collect e-scooters, charge them and put them back to the place. 

The process is rather dangerous and costly. We are able to create wireless charging parking stations for e-scooters near the public transport stations or other places. It will be necessary just to park e-scooters, no need to use cables or re-changing/re-charging batteries. First, we want to integrate into micromobility products and then, into electric vehicles that require more power.