Reinvest private capital to scale retrofitting efforts.

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EcoRetro is an online marketplace dedicated to facilitating the verification and purchases of carbon credits for building retrofitting projects. We bring together stakeholders in the built environment and carbon credit market, creating a seamless and transparent ecosystem that fosters sustainability and drives positive environmental impact. 

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James brings a wealth of technological expertise and extensive startup experience to the table, making him well-versed in the challenges faced by early-stage ventures. With a proven track record of taking concepts from ideation to successful production, James has demonstrated his ability to navigate the complexities of product development. Moreover, his prior experience in building and leading technical teams showcases his strong leadership skills.

As Chief of Staff at a fintech startup in Paris, Bonnie plays a pivotal role in driving business operations, forging strategic partnerships, and spearheading fundraising efforts. Her background as an investment analyst in venture capital has equipped her with valuable insights into investor preferences and market trends. With an extensive network of investors and entrepreneurs, Bonnie brings a wealth of connections that can foster meaningful collaborations and opportunities for growth. 

Together, James and Bonnie form a team combining technical acumen, startup acuity, operational prowess, and investment know-how. Their complementary skill sets and diverse experiences position them well to navigate the intricacies of the business landscape.