Need of the delay prediction

Today many industries are affected by the delay of trains or the bus. And people can't change the situation unless we as a startup decide to work on such a solution to address the issue of the delay in transport public which lead to:

  • Disrupt supply chains 
  • production slowdowns in the industry (for workers) 
  • late deliveries 
  • Increased idle time for vehicles stuck in traffic congestion


We are designing a recursive computation to predict the delay of a stop_station based on the past delay value. We have opted to use avg of the delay of the stop_sequence_number. To predict for a long timeframe, we compute recursively the mean. And We designed a mobile application to use the endpoint in react-native with the expo. The code is hosted in our GitHub repo. In the mobile app, we are implementing real-time tracking of the train so that the user can see on the map what is the journey of the train.

This solution can be used to help people who lose their stuff on the train, they can track directly the train and how where it is going.

Business model

We have a freemium plan as the existing solution such as BVG as our initial market is Berlin. the paid plan is for public and private transport service providers such as SBahn Gmbh or Flixtrain.


The team is set up by a Machine learning engineer and software developer. coming from many countries: Russia, Serbia, Germany, and Cameroon.