We want to maximize water use in bathrooms with a modular device that extracts, recycles and recirculates water used in sinks, showers and even washing machines before draining it into sewage for productive use.

To control and optimize water flow, I will incorporate with Esp32 module with Bluetooth, wifi connectivity and Arduino modules to connect via Mttq for home assistance. These will enable precision control management of solenoid valves, flow sensors, and a brushless motor to provide real-time tracking, data logging to aid circulation, into storage, and digital control to optimise user experience. The device will be equipped with multiple inlets and outlets to facilitate efficient water storage and bypass as fail safes.

We retrofit into apartments and flats without the need for remodelling bathrooms. The smart capsule will interface seamlessly with existing water closets and provide detachable storage options. This will enable a two-stage water circulation process, reducing water waste and promoting sustainable water usage practices within households.

We hope this will inspire greywater recycling as a practical offering and eco-friendly solution that enhances water efficiency and conservation.