Many industries generate waste in the course of their activities, often ending up having to pay collection services for it, which then ends up in landfills. 

In a study carried out in 2000 by the Portuguese State, it was estimated that in 2015 there would be around 29 million tons of industrial waste generated that year, of which around 500 thousand tons would be from the textile and footwear industries.

The value proposition of this project is to enable and facilitate contact between industries so that the waste from one can be used as raw materials in another

As a solution, we propose to develop a circular economy platform that will enable and facilitate contact between companies of different industries.

Each company would create posts on the platform with information on what materials they want to be disposed of or which materials they are interested in getting, and any user would be able to search and filter by what they were interested in (think of a marketplace).

Another interesting feature would be to have a recommender system, i.e., recommend a company that has some material being wasted to another company that needs it. This would also be filtered by company/material/geographic location/… 

Please find out more information about this project in the PDF document in Assets.