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NFTs have been a huge boom recently, but they are on a stage where most people abuse them and they are becoming just another speculation tool, this is not good for those who want to use NFT technology to create projects with real value because their projects get full of people who don't really care about the project but just want to become rich (most of them don't succeed on this objective and just lose their money, creating a bad reputation on NFT projects).

SHIELD Ecosystem is not just an NFT marketplace! is an ecosystem that aims to mitigate NFT scams and improve the reputation and adoption of the technology.

With the SHIELD Ecosystem and its SHIELD Minting system:
  • Artists will be able to sell their work in an environment where users are confident that their NFTs will remain valuable over time.
  • Game developers will be able to integrate NFT technology while ensuring their NFTs don't increase their value based on mere speculation.
  • And much more.