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The No-Code Real World Metaverse

Kluest is a real-world Metaverse developed by Sons of a Bit Entertainment. Kluest allows users to PLAY, CREATE, SHARE and MONETIZE (play and create to earn) interactive engaging experiences. Using proven cutting-edge augmented reality and geolocation technologies, individual users and companies can create all types of content for both the general public as well as for companies and institutions in a very easy and intuitive way. A new era for B2C and B2B is here!

We strongly believe that blockchain technology is going to offer real value to our users, since it's the best way for our content creators to monetise their work in a safe, fast and easy way.

This project is our first integration of blockchain technology on our platform Kluest. It is a proof of concept on Telos Testnet Network.

This project includes some basic features such as the wallet integration, as well as the purchase of tokens and NFTs.

In this demo, you can:

  • Purchase our testing token (KTT) with Telos.
  • Get NFTs and Koins (the basic in-game currency) in exchange of KTT.
  • Open chests to get inventory objects (such as items to restore health or ammo), Koins, NFTs and KTT.
  • Play and create adventures.

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You can also check our extended documentation in the Asset section below.

What is Kluest?

Discover a whole new world as a player or release your imagination as a creator. In any case, Kluest is an amazing place to socialize and reimagine the real world.

The platform will offer a wide range of features to entertain and engage different profiles:

  • Adventurers (individual players): You will find a huge variety of experiences, from epic adventures in your city to interactive tourist routes, treasure hunts, immersive art galleries or marketplaces as you've never seen before.
  • Kluesters (individual or corporate creators): Boost your imagination and build the real-world Metaverse easier than ever before thanks to our visual editors. Amaze people and monetize your creations!
  • Landowners* (not yet available): Buy and trade with lands to place your own creations in your properties or host someone else's in exchange for a fee.
  • Companies and institutions: Exhibit, teach and sell in fresh new ways. From gamifying lessons or visits to facilities of all kinds (museums, malls, shops, factories) to let users visualize and buy your products in incredibly accurate 3D augmented reality.

In March 2021, we released Kluest open beta app throughout our country with thousands of real active users creating real-world experiences as we speak. 

We've designed a new open economy model based on blockchain technology. With Kluest's updated B2B model our sponsors will continue to get customers while users will be able to earn tokens by playing these experiences or in other several ways that will enrich the platform as we'll discuss later.

Today, Kluest has tons of fantasy Medieval items to start customizing your experiences. In the near future, Kluest creative and playable possibilities will be dramatically boosted with new atmospheres (Present, Future, Pirates, Superheroes…). We’re also working on the development of Kluest Workshop, a user-friendly tool to upload, create, texturize and animate any 2D and 3D model you want.

In the near future, we will include other features as allowing users to create and trade their own NFTs on the plaftorm without programming thanks to our visual editors. We will also create an auction system so users can bid for K-Land, hexagonal pieces of land which user will be able to own in order to locate and monetize whatever they want on it. 

Much more is coming, so stay tuned!