Battle Royale DAO is a Play-to-Earn ecosystem built on a complete & a strong DeFi protocol composed of : 

  • Battle Royale Games

V1 is available. This version of the games is a high risk, high reward DeFi strategy game where you can play with $GLD as well as native tokens $TLOS. 

V2 currently being developed is a PvP game where each player selects his best NFT Gladiators and enters the Arena to win the games.

Demos :

GLD Game :

TLOS Game :

  • Battle Royale Nodes

Luduses or Battle Royale Nodes is an in-game asset that rewards node holders with stable, fixed yield in $GLD. The protocol is unique in the sense that it owns its liquidity and adjusts supply automatically to maintain a stable runway.

Demo :

(Demo is V1, a new version is being developed with improved UI, screenshots are uploaded in assets section)

  • Battle Royale Swap

Battle Royale Swap is the first Constant Product Market Maker CPMM that has a built-in bonding component. It brings Bonds and Protocol Owned Liquidity concepts to the next level by removing the major drawbacks.

(Dapp is being developped).

Tokens and Assets


$GLD is the in-game currency. It's used to buy Ludus(es) and to play the ROI game. It's earned every day by Ludus owners, the Editors, and as an object of conquest in the Ludus wars.


The Ludus is the training school of gladiators. In BR Dao players can buy Ludus(es) and earn $GLD every day. It's our current entry item as seen in the most popular P2E games. You can use your $GLD to attack and defend your precious schools or play in the ROI Arena.

- Please, check out the presentation uploaded in assets as well as the documentation to get a deeper overview.  

- Our code repos are private, please get in touch so we can open an access to the the code.

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