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The Guilds Lab

The Guilds Lab is creating a Dao that develops opportunities to earn through Play-to-earn games, Metaverse development, Content creation, Community building, Education, Culture.

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The Guilds Lab is a Dao taking the approach of forming and developing "guild of guilds" model where there is a mainDAO governing over numerous subDAOs that function as tentacles all across the Play-to-Earn, Metaverse industry.  

We aim to bring large influx of gamers interested in play to earn gaming , scholarships , etc. from Axie infinity, Thetan arena, Sandbox and introduce them to the telos ecosytem.

The Guilds Lab has a wide range of goals, Play to earn scholarships, Metaverse development, Esports, Content creation, Education /Academy Community building, formation of sub guilds for specific purposes. 

The Guilds Lab will focus onboarding play to earn gamers, crypto enthusiast to the telos ecosytem and boost the growth of the blockchain.

The Guilds Lab will promote sub dao/guild formation on Telos blockchain . ex -  i formation of regional Dao's like Indian , African, Spanish  etc.

ii Purpose specific - artistic , musical , etc

we will provide the sub Dao's with funding , exposure , tools etc.