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Chedda is a lending protocol with isolated pools separated by risk level with VE token mechanics

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Chedda is a lending protocol with isolated lending pools and VE token mechanics which allows token holder to direct token emission to lending pools.

Chedda is inspired by Curve and takes elements from Frax and Compound but is not a fork of those protocols. It is built from the ground up.

Liquidity providers can provide an asset to earn interest in a single sided liquidity pool without the risk of impermanent loss.

Chedda token holders can lock their Chedda to get xCHEDDA token which is an interest bearing token and increases their CHEDDA holding as new token gets emitted.

Long term holders get rewarded the most by locking their xCHEDDA to receive veCHEDDA (voting escrowed CHEDDA) which gives holders voting power to direct token emission. veCHEDDA token holders can vote for their favorite lending pools to receive emission, and claim these rewards at the end of each epoch (14 days).