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Clash Arena

Clash Arena is browser-based PvP game. A characteristic feature of our project is simplicity for any level of player. He will be able to understandably involve himself in the web3 through our game.

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  • NFT
  • Games and Play-2-Earn



Try the game now: https://clasharena.netlify.app


Our vision of the metaverse is not an open 3D world how "Sandbox" or "Decentraland", but a Game hub where players can move through other games with one NFT-character. NFT-characters from other games can be integrated into our project. We will create collections for our partners. Integrate their 3d models or create duplicates, matching our style and vision. We see a large gap in the following are in the current PvP games

  • Total Decentralization: Currently there is a lack of total decentralization in the blockchain gaming space. We want to build a product that lives beyond us.
  • Easy On boarding: Currently there is too many prerequisite to play a blockchain game. We are trying to fill that gap
  • Interoperability:  We believe in the open ecosystem yet all the NFT community are very Isolated we believe that we can allow different NFT's to be the part of the game and this can help in fast adoption.
  • Realtime Gaming: We wanted to build a realtime strategy game without having to compromise on the decentralization aspect.



We know that there is recently a huge demand for blockchain-based games and we think that we have a great product market fit. Our game is neither too complicated but yet requires a decent amount of thinking. Most of the people coming to the blockchain gaming space are new in gaming hence we have tried to keep our UI as descriptive as possible.

  • Demand in PFP NFTs: While there is a huge demand in the PFP NFT space the usability for them remains still a question. We can offer NFT communities to integrate there NFT in the game
  • Rewards: The winner takes it all makes the game more interesting to play

How it works:

Clash Arena is a PvP game in which the player can play and earn. Luck, psychology and the skill of the players are important in the Clash Arena

  • Users buy the NFT with different characteristics and stake Telos Tokens to challenge other users.
  • There are multple rounds in which users choose there strategy .
  • The game ends when one of the character's health becomes 0.

Using Telos:

Telos is a extremely fast and low cost blockchain network. Our game stores all the data on-chain hence telos is a perfect match for us. We are utilising Telos's fast transaction to improve the user experience during playing the game. As telos is EVM based it also reduced our development time as solidity is well known language among developer community. 


  • Telos EVM as backend to store data as well as to provide winning rewards
  • Unity game Engine to develop the game.



  • We made a working prototype. That means we can see the idea through to the end. 
  • Integrating web3 with unity to call smart contract from unity
  • Writing fully function smart contract


  • Create new game mechanics and add a awesome NFT collections
  • Smart Contract Audit 
  • Further Character development and adding weapons as NFT
  • Adding Audio/Video so player can talk while fighting

Contract Address :