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The Problem

The scalability of Telos is impeded by the following user problems:  

  • Listing on different exchanges: Many users have tokens on other chains that they are struggling  bridge to Telos, or tokens on Telos that they can’t manage to  list on different exchanges.
  • Attract a wider audience: Project owners who have chosen to build on Telos native can’t access the wider crypto audience outside of Telos, Wax and EOS. 
  • Tedious listing process: Other available bridging options have high barriers to entry:  higher fees and a lengthy listing process which frustrates Telos users.

The Solution

Telos Spark Bridge: A seamless solution for users to access from various dApps to effortlessly bridge their tokens between Telos native and tEVM at a fraction of the cost and effort. 

The Telos EVM Bridge is vitally important to the development of DeFi on Telos as it increases cross-chain interoperability and the viability of the network. The bridge creates a smooth onramp for capital from other chains to make its way onto Telos. 

The bridge allows tokens to move from Telos Native to Telos EVM, and vice versa. The technology is compatible with other EVM chains such as Ethereum and BSC. 


A demo version of the bridge is live on the test networks via spark-bridge.tswaps.com.

You will need some tokens to try it out. Get started by swapping a few native testnet TLOS for DEWIE tokens on T-Swaps: dev.tswaps.com


A detailed description of this innovation can be found in the pitch deck included in our submission.