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The project is to enable NFT drops on Telos network for event participants. 

  1. While configuring your event just provide the contract address and the ABI for your NFT smart contract on the Telos mainnet. 
  2. Configure the mint function name. 
  3. Write the description of the NFT explaining the utility and provide a sample image of the NFT. 
  4. The event attendees will be able to claim a participant NFT once the organizers enable the claim from the user management dashboard. 
  5. You can select who of the audience is eligible for the NFT drop if you want to make any additional verifications.

For testing the project:

  1. Create a CAST at Cast.Video.Wiki
  2. Make it a private event with OTP authentication enabled
  3. While configuring the event use the ABI as attached
  4. Use the NFT sample as attached
  5. Contract address - 0x91CC43Dafb20423844559E3fdd859ee5F8158c70
  6. Mint function - pmint
  7. Create your event and invite the people you want to airdrop to, for test no one is needed
  8. Creator of the event will get an email with the NFT claim link as soon as event is "published"
  9. Conduct Event
  10. Enable NFT claim for audiences after the event is finished
  11. Attendees will get an email notifying that they are eligible to claim.

The process is explained in Video.


NFT-controlled access could span a range of use cases, including VIP access to real-life events such as conventions and festivals as well as those occurring within the Metaverse. Our project will explore numerous opportunities in developing NFTs for the purpose of accessing special events ranging from music festivals, movies, investor conferences, or local venues.