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Giant Bots Garage is a collection of huge robots from a distant future, banged-up and wrecked by years of service in mining and construction all over the galaxy to create revenue for their holders. The collection is the first piece of a bigger plan for a completely new kind of project that aims to connect NFT art and DeFi in a playful and entertaining way. As a classic artist and illustrator who is also a longtime crypto enthusiast i am trying to bring my two passions together and use this contest as a first step to realize my dream of creating my own artistic universe that is open for everyone to experience.

My vision is a whole ecosystem of NFT collections that i call Bot City. Bot City is a virtual futuristic city that offers an interactive and gamified experience for NFT holders and has its own economy and currency (e.g. Bot City Token). Every citizen (which is everyone who owns one of the different Bot City NFTs) can participate, farm, build, play and shop. On the one hand you can purchase real estate like villas or penthouses or vehicles like cars or spaceships (each of those will be its own NFT collection, i already got tons of ideas and a lot of collections in mind). On the other hand you can use those NFTs to farm tokens or play a variety of minigames to earn tokens.

The first and most valuable asset in Bot City will be the Giant Bots Garage NFTs. The Giant Bots can be used to work in the mines in the outskirts of Bot City (to farm tokens) or in construction work. One example would be to use them to build new skyscrapers (stake them for a certain amount of time). Building a skyscraper would reward the holder with a whitelist spot for the upcoming Bot City Penthouses NFT Collection or even a free penthouse for the biggest scyscrapers. Owning a penthouse could give the holder a better farming APR, when he sends his giant bots back to work at the mines. You get the idea.

A big inspiration for me was DeFi Kingdoms on Harmony One, a great concept which i want to improve on. Based on that idea i want to create a much bigger and more interactive world with a lot more fun things to do, higher playability and entertainment factor, an in-depth background story and lore and much more ways to invest and profit from the ecosystem. Imagine Defi Kingdoms mixed with Sim City and a bit of GTA 1. A whole futuristic high-tech city crowded by robots, full of references to popular scifi movies, tv-shows, comics and mangas, all held together by an unique artistic line and visual language. Built upon connected NFT collections that benefit each other and form a whole robot themed universe (or metaverse if you like) that is constantly expanding and bringing new value and benefits to holding a Bot City NFT (and especially to holding a Giant Bots Garage NFT).

Holders of Giant Bots Garage NFTs will randomly receive NFT airdrops of the upcoming NFT collections. Early supporters are always the most important ones and should benefit the most from the expending Bot City ecosystem. I plan to airdrop 5-10% of the next NFT collections to Giant Bots holders. There will also a certain amount of the upcoming underlying tokens get airdopped to Giant Bots holders at release.

The Giant Bots Garage Collection is still a work in progress, there is still quite some work ahead. The final collection will consist of 10,000 NFTs. There will be specified rarities for each of the assets within the layers. I also will add much more variations to the layers, while some of the existing variations still need some improvements, get reworked or replaced. I am currently reworking the background, splitting it into three layers (left and right middleground and real background). The foreground will also getting splitted into two layers (right and left). See the update below. After adding a lot more variations to the bots itself i will also add a special ultra-rare layer at the end with some little easter eggs, that can only be spotted by zooming in, to add even more rarity and some extra fun.

Twitter: @BotCityNFT

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