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Artist Statement

Meet Big Skull Small Skull, Poppy and Sunny, they will teach you a lot about life now that they are dead. One skull head decorated with sunflowers, Sunny represents optimism and hope despite mortality. Poppy, painted with poppy flowers, represent death, thus he is a natural pessimist, with a sense of humour. 

The Never Famous Artist is a husband-and-wife duo, who are simply never famous. The wife is a self-professed artist in the most traditional sense, with paintbrushes and canvas, who ended up working tirelessly in a public institution as a healthcare professional. The husband is a multi-talented self-professed data scientist, who wishes to be his own boss one day. The Never Famous Artist decides to dabble in digital art with a secondhand iPad and Apple Pencil, after paying for Procreate, and venture into NFT, with the hope to make creating art and digital content sustainable. 

Big Skull Small Skull, consists of a range of digital content including comic strips, quotes-of-the-day, and NFTs, with lighthearted stories about life and death, told by our colourful protagonists Poppy and Sunny. Their decorated skulls are inspired by Calavera and represent mortality. However their characters are drastically different. Poppy, being a pessimist, tends to be cynical and sarcastic. Sunny, on the other hand, is cheerful and hopeful. Big Skull Small Skull is relatable and relevant, artistic and creative. 

How would we use the 25,000 Telos?

We would use large part of the money to publicize our digital art and create new content with Poppy and Sunny!


You can find more examples of Poppy and Sunny at our instagram page: https://instagram.com/bigskullsmallskull/ 

Brought to you by "The Never Famous Artist"