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Many have wondered about the mystery of Kroco Island. That army of 4,444 Krocos that invaded the Telos network with the aim of attracting new investors who would come to Telos to try the drink known as Krog, a pirate drink whose ingredients are still unknown to humans. Telos was filled with tourists who came to try the drink and saw that the island had capacities superior to others they had been to, which led them to settle there and become investors.

What do we want to do with the prize? Produce larger quantities of Krog that attract more investors to the Island.


Collection size: 4,444

Price per NFT: 25 Telos 

Telos Scan: Kroco Island Contract


Website: krocoisland.com

Twitter: @KrocoIslandNFT

Telegram: @KrocosIsland

Discord: Kroco Island Discord

Tofu NFT: Kroco Island secondary marketplace