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As a solo trekker/camper, it connects me to nature and spent more time appreciating its beauty, especially in the tiniest ecosystem that we often disregard. In this project, I will be highlighting its beauty and publishing it in a bigger size jpeg. Enjoy watching everyone!

NFT photography collection:

This will consist of photos of one of the smallest armies in nature.

Ants, bees, jumping spiders, beetles, and more.

Being busy in their daily routine and tasks, I am persistently waiting and trying to capture those kinds of moments.

Though hard, macro photography in such activities in those subjects requires hard work, dedication, and skills.

Like the number of counts of species, there is no exact number for this collection. We are looking at around 50 pieces for the collection as start-up. The plan is to go into the wild and bring only the worthy photos of these beautiful creatures.

Photography NFT is somehow with less utilities compared to Digitally created NFT because it is real-life captured art. But this will open a huge opportunity to Telos for the Art collectors and artists to join the fastest EVM on the planet.

Open sea and other large NFT markets that are popular for Art and Photography NFT are so congested and expensive. 

Natures Work of Art in Macro World

Every item will have "A drop of hope" flip side to make it an item originally minted for the Telos Mission NFT challenge.

"A drop of hope" represents this project as being an artist who's new to NFT but is putting up a worthy competition!