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Galapagos - Telos

Idea: Connect NFTs with a real world cause. Telos is recognised as eco-friendly and socially conscious -> perfect fit for unique endemic ecosystem -> Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos - Telos







Hi, my name is Christian and my basic idea is to connect NFTs with a real world cause.

Since Telos is an eco-friendly, socially conscious, user governed, powerful ecosystem

it was not a far stretch to realize that it is a perfect fit for connecting it with one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet:



The Galapagos Islands 



The stars of my little presentation video are


  • Galapagos Sea Lion
  • Land Iguana
  • Large Painted Locust
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Sea Iguana
  • Yellow Warbler
  • Pelican
  • Blue-Footed Booby (mating dance)
  • Tree Cactus
  • Sally Lightfoot Crab


NFTs & possible properties



I created some examples of possible NFTs derived from my photos taken there back in 2008 (-> short video presentation)

The NFTs could, if successful, support a wildlife fund that already works to preserve this endemic environment.

There are easily hundreds of unique NFTs possible.


My idea could be expanded further as follows


  • NFTs could have properties e.g. info about the species
  • Where it lives (specific island), what it does
  • Could be similar to baseball cards, Pokemon etc. just with animals and plants


“Real” artists e.g. painters, sculpturists, writers (maybe of the area) could create and add their own unique NFTs to attract more people and have a special appeal towards people from the area.

The final number of the NFTs is not limited yet but should range in the hundreds to a thousand.

My intention is to put a price tag on the NFTs that makes them affordable for everyone. This could start at 20$ for instance. The NFTs could also be auctioned with a starting price and final price would be open based upon demand.

My intention is to make this a non-profit kind of collection that is transparent. The achieved revenue through selling / auctioning the collection should go to a trusted foundation that already has verified projects in the area. For the Galapagos Islands there are several candidates that would fit the role but that had to be determined upon success of the project in voting.

The collection should be flexible (e.g. have numbered empty spots) to let in special artists who want to contribute to the project as mentioned above only by passion and solidarity rather than monetary prospects.

Furthermore in the future it could expand as mentioned below to other projects contributing to other precious ecosystems on the planet.

In order to let the people decide there could be a donation button installed for little gratuities to the artist(s).


Future cooperation & expansion



It should not be limited to this particular ecosystem but also going forward include unique ecosystems such as


  • Canaima National Park, Venezuela
  • Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Socotra, Yemen
  • Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia
  • Lord Howe Island Group, Australia
  • Amazon Rainforest– Nothern South America
  • Katpana Desert – Pakistan
  • Okavango Delta – Botswana
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
  • Madagascar


and many more.


It could become a movement to contribute to these ecosystems in order to preserve them.



What to do with my possible winnings & why TELOS?



If my content is voted on and I win some TLOS, I will stake them on Rex until BTC reaches a new ATH.

Then I might sell some to upgrade my equipment.


I am coming to TELOS because although many other blockchains seem to have more buzz I believe in TELOS´ prospect going forward.

My conviction is that the better technology will win in the long run eventually.


Thank you for giving everybody a chance to participate and put out ideas.




Good luck for all of you out there!