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Duel Of NFTs (DON)

Come to the land of heroes and train your hero and compete. In this land, there are unknown places where you can find magical and powerful equipment by adventuring in the most dangerous areas steel armor, devastating swords and maces, precision bows from magical trees, impenetrable shields, magic wands that give the hero incredible powers. The time has come to put on the war outfit and compete with other heroes. Every arena is an experience for the hero to increase his or her fighting abilities and enter the competition of the champion of heroes.

Game process:

This is an RPG game where anyone can buy one or more NFTs and compete with other heroes, go on an adventure or find precious equipment and objects with this character which includes basic features randomly.

Each hero is an NFT that has the following appearance characteristics:

1- Race

2- Gender

3- Skin color

4- Hair color

5- Eyebrow

6- Hair 

7- Beard

8- Tattoo on the face

9- Tattoo color

10- Eye color

11- Mouth

This is an example of NFT:


Basic characteristics of the hero:

1- Energy and energy rate

2- Health and health rate

3- Power of attack and defense 

4- Mana and mana rate

5- The number of bag slots


For each hero, a certain number of equipment can be provided, each of which adds a special feature or improves the current features. The equipment is not in the form of NFT and it is possible to merge 2 or more items of the same level and create an item with a higher and more powerful level. The equipment can be armor, shield, mace, helmet, etc. and there are different ways to get them in the game, each of which can be bought and sold. 


  1.  Adventures: every day there are a certain number of adventures, by doing these adventures some rewards are given to the hero, which can be equipment, energy, tokens, etc.
  2. Duel: Based on the level of each hero, the server randomly finds an opponent and a fight begins.
  3. Alliance: A player can create an alliance on a certain condition.

There are other items that will be made available to the public once the white paper is completed.


What you will do with the prize money to develop your career?

1. Game developments

2. Promotions

3. Advertisements